March 10, 2008

Random Things....


Bindi has tagged me and I am to share
7 Random Things about myself. I have
been thinking about here goes:

1. I love snow! This year I really better love snow,
because we've had more of the white stuff than I
can remember in a long time. I will admit I am
more than ready for Summer, skip Spring, which I
also love and go right for the Hot, Hot weather!!!

2. I love to listen to the Wind Whispering
through the Pine Trees. Sitting on the deck,
stop and listen....can you hear the trees whispering...

3. I am a Procrastinator. I tend to wait to the last
minute to do things. It is a habit that I am continually
working on. I don't like being a procrastinator, so I will
continue to work on this.

4. I tend to be a Perfectionist, or so I
have been told! I prefer everything to
be in its place, or close. I've had to
let go of a lot of these tendencies, due to family
circumstances.....Grand kids, Mr. Big etc. Some
days I figure if I haven't trained them by now
I might as well join them!!

5. I love to be around people. I have been blessed
to have so many people be a part of my life. I have old
friends and new friends. I consider them to be a part of
my extended family. Family and Friends are what make
the world go round!

6. I do not like people who are hypocrites.
Saying one thing and doing another. I am a trusting
person and believe in everybody until given a
reason not to. Needless to say, I have been hurt
a few times, but my eyes are more open now. I
am still a trusting person, but I am more careful these days.

7. I try to be a positive person. All we can do is
take one day at a time and make the best of what
we have. I choose to try and make it as positive as
I can. I may not always succeed, so please forgive
me if I am not PERFECT.
Good thoughts to all,


Unknown said...

Great stuff!

Gig said...

Thanks Robyn,
Nice to see I am not the only one still awake! The snowbank is the one I was stuck in the other night when you were in the car with Suze,LOL.

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Am with you in all those expect one..
I don't wait for last minute...cause my pappa's military rule in my house.....haha.
He is always punctual and every single thing has to be in order around our I pick that too...but my lovely sister..she will wait for 9th hour...if she have to at school by 8am she will wake up 8.15... :)
Brian another one waiting for 9th with him is so hard cause if he hear the sky is gonna fall off on him, he will be like let me see that...we go to grocery store at 3am...In his life only one time he was made it on time...when he came to pick me from Memphis..cause i told him "if i don't see you at the airport I have a return ticket same day and i will go back and to India" :)...that sure worked he was there before an hour...)

Have a beautiful day!
♥ & ((hugs))

Shara said...

Me too, Me too, I'm a procastanator! Please, Please tell me how to change that when you learn...I think I'm hooked on the thrill of pulling off the last minute miracle. The disasters...I just forget!

Cece said...

I'm not a procrastinator either. As a matter of fact I have to have everything planned out to a T and if it doesn't got the way I planned, then I get anxious. Also, deadlines cause me stress, so I try to get stuff done early.

Gig said...

Dear Bindi,
Thanks for coming by. I enjoyed this post. I think it has been fun to learn about each other. Thanks for Tagging me!
Hugs and Love

Gig said...

I am glad I am not the only one. I have gotten better on some things. Others I am I am still working on. I don't like to be late when going somewhere but I am known to be "just on time" or "fashionably late"!

Will be over to see you before you leave for you trip.
Love ya,

Gig said...

I do like to have things planned, sometimes I just need to start planning sooner. Right now I am trying to finalize all the last minute details for the Easter party I am coordinating this Sat. Right now I am ahead of schedule...I think...

I hope the new job is going good...slow pc and all.

luv ya,

kylie said...

hi gig,
i'm a procrastinator too but i dont neccessarily want to change that....i seem to manage ok. there have been occaisional disasters but thats life. about trusting people: i think it's better to trust and sometimes get hurt than to close yourself up , imagine what you'd miss!
take care

Cece said...

Hope the Easter plans are coming along. I am so tired and I think I am trying to come down with a cold. UGH. There has been a few people at my new job that has been sick, and I think it is getting passed around. YEAH. Only problem, I have no sick time built up because I just started. Anyway, it hasn't gotten bad enough that I would need to stay home yet, but the days are wearing me down.

Suzanne said...

God I love this post and now I get to talk to you and all my friends.

Cecile. Do you have a sore throat? That is the important question. If you do, it's the flu. Trust me, it's nasty. Stay away from the kids and hubby. Sleep in the the garage. You won't be able to take care of yourself or anyone else if you have what I think you have.

I procrastinate, but I'm also the most organized planner you will ever meet. Does that make sense? I know. Probably not. But I'll tell you why the duel roles. I procrastinate about stuff I simply can't bare to deal with, but take care of stuff I need to in a timely manner because life is too short and I don't have time to deal with stupid stuff. Yes, I know. Wacky! You would love it here! You would have been out of that snow bank a week ago and Robyn would have had her assed kicked! And I do believe we all would have been in Seattle. He's 6 feet...that's a lot of flesh to navigate for three petite women!!! Good Lord!

Oh course I'm laughing. You kill me!


We are all so similar, yet so different. No wonder we all found one another! We're a perfect blend. I like that.

Suzanne said...
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Gig said...

I hope you are feeling better real quick. All this stuff going around is bad, get as much rest as you can, lots of liquids, vitamins, etc.

Less than 24 hrs till the "Easter Party"!!! Granddaughter Jessica is going to be the Easter Bunny. I spent 2.5 hrs last night shopping for presents for 36 the 9,11, and 13 yrs old grands came and helped put together goody bags. They are always a big help, as long as they don't have to look at each other!!
Tomorrow after work, it will be time to set the room up and bake all the other details...
I will be taking lots of pics to post.
Well I must go make name tags for the munchkins Easter goodies!

Get Well Quick!!
luv you,

Gig said...

Always glad to see you here. I do agree that we all are a perfect blend, I know I love to go visiting at everyones blog and always leave with a smile or lmao!

Another random fact that we have in common: I am not quite 5'2", but I used to be!!! I just can't remember when!!

An organized procrastinator makes perfect sense to me. I have a room that I am still unpacking now for umm...maybe several months now. Could be longer,but it will get done. The really important stuff is what I focus on, cuz as you said life is to short.

Oh, I know I would love it there. Your house and flowers and kitties are so beautiful and special. And we would all have a riot in Seattle at Brian's Cafe!!
I just might have to go see my sister and check it out. I hear there is a waitress in a "french outfit"? Something about a great manager, that looks the other way when certain characters come in the back door...

Hope you have a great weekend,
Hugs and love,

Suzanne said...

I love you SO much. I have to go feed the ferals. I'm SO late. I'll be back later.

Honey, you're taking money away from the cafe with all the NASCAR people. THEY DON'T DRINK COFFEE!!! We're going to go broke. But for some reason, Robyn's still doing a brisk business. Perhaps we should all wear see-through aprons. Nope, that's not really an option because Inner Voices would go absolutely nutty! I wouldn't have time for Mr. Big if I had to deal with you know who 24-7.

SOS! I don't think I'm getting paid enough!

Suzanne said...


Kookaburra said...

Hello Debbie,
Sorry - but I have tagged you also.
Please see my blog.