March 10, 2008

The Last Ride....

Thought I would share Pop's and Little Gig's
last Ride of the year!! It was a beautiful sunny
day. Temperature was not too cold...

Pops is getting the Sleds ready to go! Little Gig
is going to ride mine, I stayed home and chilled!

All Set, ready to fire them up! They look like
twins...while they were gone, playing in the Snow,
I watched the Race Cars go round and round!!

Great Shot of the snow in the front yard(click
for larger pic). Pops is leading the way.

Here is Little Gig following her Pops. They didn't
get very far, they had to come back. His
machine wasn't running very good, so
he had to ride mine and L.Gig had to
take the older one. They rode
about 40 miles round trip. Said they had a good
time. L.Gig has learned a lot this winter playing
in the Snow.

Good thoughts to all


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