April 3, 2011

Old Time Rock and Roll!!

This is for my friend Joolz, who just got to go see Bob Seger!! I have seen him a few times myself starting back in High School. I remember his band playing at a High School Dance. In High School and after there was a local ski lodge, Mt Holly, that had bands that came and performed on weekends. Bob Seger, Grand Funk Railroad were just a few that I went to see. Lots of fun and memories!! I did see Seger and the Silver Bullet Band the last tour a few yrs ago. Have not been able to get any this time. The tour is not over, so we shall see what happens!!
Hope everyone is having a Great Weekend!! I will try and be here more often!! I have lots of new family pictures to post, plus a few interesting stories too!

Love to all,



Megan said...


Gig said...

Hi Megs!!
I am trying to work my way back here!! Congrats on your Promotion!! Thought of you today.....had Bacon for lunch!! Gig

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