June 15, 2010

A Crown Royal Day

Forget the Lemon Drops, this has been a Crown Royal Day......good thing I don't have any here. Just one of those days. The patient has been grumpy, out of 2 visiting grandchildren only 1 has been nice, grr. The 12 yr old one I did not see till 6:30, and it has not been pleasant since then. I broke a very large pickle jar, then the driver's side mirror fell off and broke when I shut the Truck door....get my drift. Every adult said I needed a shot of Crown, but I am the Driver, so that is not happening right now.
Just going to try and relax....the grumpy patient has gone to bed. Now I am hoping the 12 yr old goes to sleep soon! They just got here late Sunday and were great yesterday!! Teenagers, grr!!
I am looking forward to a better day tomorrow! Thanks for letting me vent!!

Love Gig


Megan said...

Hang in there, wonderful Gigness!

Gig said...

Thanks Megster!! I am trying....the 12 yr old has always been the easy one...but now she has become a clone of her older siblings, ugh. I was so looking forward to her being here, but now will have to make a 5 hr round trip to take her back to her parents. Live and learn. Once they reach this age they need to stay away till they are over 18.

Suzanne said...

Hang there baby!

Cece said...

Hey you. Hope better days are here. Been thinking of you.

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