April 2, 2009

My Adopted Hometown

Well kiddies, here are a few pictures from my town!!

I am tired of looking at Chuzzle, as I sure everyone else is...

It is very late here or early, however one wants to look at it...so I thought I would just post a few pics of Grayling.

The Snow is almost gone...although it did snow some really HUGE snowflakes today!!

Everything is about the same here. Mr. Big is still mending, slowly. My Mom is alternating between the Nursing Home and Hospital...fortunately they are connected. The good thing she is only 5 minutes from our house instead of over 2 hrs. The gkids are on Spring Break, so some of them are here...need I say more...oh yeah, I am getting ready to direct all my volunteers for a kids Easter party this weekend (54 kids). Yes, I have totally lost my mind!!

Lotsa love and best wishes,
Gig, xoxo


just bob said...

Northern Michigan is awesome, especially in the summer. It's been over ten years since I was up there. Thanks for the reminder!

Leah said...

I have never been; now I want to! Those lake photos are lovely.

You are one busy lady!

Megan said...

54 kids????? Holy cow! How do you do it?

Thanks for sharing the photos!

kylie said...

hi gig
is the pink shirt yours?
actually it looks just like suzie's style to me

take care of yourself
lots of love

Cece said...

Hope you survived the weekend. I do intend to get the boys to Michigan sometime in the next couple of years. I really miss the lake. And of course, we will have to stop in for a visit.

Gig said...

Hi Bob!!
Thanks for stopping by...hopefully someday you can make your way back to this beautiful area. I know you love golf and have played here.

Take care,
p.s. gotta say I love that lobstermobile,lol!!

Gig said...

I have been thinking about you and Texas honey...hang in there.

The lake reminds me of your lake pics from upstate N.Y.

Yes, I have been a very busy,TIRED, lady!!

Gig said...

Well Megs, only 38 kids showed up...but it was still crazy...but lots of fun was had by all!!

I intended to do a post, with pics of the party, and Easter bunny with the kids...but my camera has vanished. *trying not to cry...* So I have to get copies from everyone else and get another camera, damn!! I was going to ask for an Ipod for B-day, but may have to rethink that, cannot be without my camera.

Gig said...

No Kylie the pink shirt is not mine, but I love pink. I will have to find one and get a pic of it.

Day at a time these days, sometimes an hour or minute at a time.

Sending love around the world to you...gig

Gig said...

I will be ready to go sightseeing with you and the boys when you come to visit!!

I hope you are feeling better, I am trying to get all my vitamins together, so maybe I can get some energy back.

I will try to call over Easter weekend, if not Enjoy the Easter Bunny!!

Love you,

Cece said...

Hope things are going well. I'll try to call you again soon.

Cece said...

I thought there was something new coming?

You really need to get your but in gear woman.

We have had to resort to AC. How cold is it there? You still got snow? I"m hoping to get my pool up and swimmable within the next week!

I know you love me!!!!!!!!
If you get tired of the cold, you could always come down and visit. We could go swimming.

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Your hometown is beautiful..
hope you and family doing fine.
love& ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

I stopped by to say please stop by to say hi to Bindi, but she's here too. Giggie, I'm crying too hard. God, we've all been through so much.

I love you.

Sigwerthibad said...

I have never been; now I want to! Those lake photos are lovely. You are one busy lady!