April 30, 2009

Easter Party for Kids

A little late...but here are a few pics of the
Easter Party that I was in charge of again.
56 children had signed up, but only 38
showed up. It was still pretty busy,lol!!
Thank goodness for all the help I had!!

Coloring 30 dozen eggs, I put someone
else in charge of this project. Smart idea!!
Here is Mr. Big...selling raffle tickets for
the Adults to win a prize. He was still in
his brace.
Look who has arrived!!
The Easter Bunny passes out
presents and goodies to all the
children...this is our youngest
grandchild Nathan.

Here is Logan with the Easter Bunny.

He does not realize he is related to this

Bunny..."she is his sister Jessica"!!

Oh no, the "boss" is giving orders, look out!

I could not believe this!! My favorite

partner in crime in the kitchen is cooking the

eggs and talking on the phone at the same time!!

Go Roxie!!

I want to say thanks to the best Easter Bunny
a Grandma could ask for...2 years in a row.
She could barely breathe, and hardly see, but
she came through for me!! Yea, Jessica!!

Love you!

I had so many helpers...little Gig, (Emily)

was there with her friend Madison. Couldn't

have done it without them.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great

day for all the children that were there!!



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Karen ^..^ said...

That looked like a lot of fun, and a lot of work! Glad you had a good time!

just bob said...

Hi Gig!

just bob said...

Gig... head over to the Onion... it's Kylie's Birthday!

Suzanne said...

I came here to say what Bob just said!!!

God you're funny. What a great party. Wish I could be a kid again, but I'd be a little worried about the Easter Egg Hunt. Were those eggs supposed to be scrambled?

Mr. Big looks like he means business. All he needs is his gun. Ha!!! Give him my best. I actually thought of him the other morning when I reached into a closet in an odd way and felt that old familiar pain. I will never reach into that closet again. Okay, dishcloths are out!!!

I love you baby. Glad you're having some fun. You deserve it. Wonderful post. Thanks for this one.


Cece said...

fantastic job, Gig. Mr. Big has such beautiful eyes. Now I can put a face with his voice. Yeah!

Leah said...

Fun! And the bunny is fabulous. And Mr. Big is adorable!

Gig said...

@ Karen, It was a lot of work and loads of fun!! It is always wonderful to see the kids face when they see The Bunny! My good time was actually after it was all over....then a a really big Bloody Mary,lol!!

@ Hi Bob...great job on Kylie's Birthday party, I loved it!!

@ Suze!! Wish you all could have been here and been my helpers. We would have a great time!! Mr. Big is doin better everyday. Hopefully he will soon start doing stuff around the house,lol.
love ya, xoxo

@ Cece!! I am a Survivor...I think,lol!! Told ya I was working on a new post...I have another one in the works. I told Mr.Big what you said, now he can hardly get through the door...cuz he thinks he is extra special,ha,ha!!
love ya, xoxo

@Leah, Thanks, the bunny was great...hedgie would have loved it. The kids also got to decorate Easter cookies, make a craft, have breakfast, color eggs...and then received presents from the bunny. For the second year, we could not do an egg hunt, still had too much snow outside...so everyone got plastic eggs in their baskets with those goodies, Whew...thank goodness for all the great helpers!!
love ya, xoxo

kylie said...

hi giggie
i thought i left a comment here but it seems that i was hallucinating!
i dont know where you find the energy for things like easter parties but i'm glad you do. the kids must have had a ball!
your bunny is gorgeous

have a great week and lots of love

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
What a great time you all had! I miss my big family..
love & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Just dropping by to say thanks for all your support. You know how much I love you.