February 17, 2009

This is how I am feeling at the moment...I had another

post planned I am just too tired to finish it.

My Mom is back in the hospital, so it has been very hectic.
She went into respiratory failure and had to be put on
a ventilator Valentines Day (her 75th Birthday).
Soooo we had to make that drive down I-75
and I have been spending my time at this place.

Genesys Regional Medical Center.

Good news is she is doing much better, is off the ventilator and is out of Intensive Care. She has finally agreed to come stay with us, she can not be by herself anymore. Hopefully she will get to go home in a few days. The oldest granddaughter will stay with her while I get things arranged at our house, plus see Mr. Big through his surgery on the 25th.

To keep me going while here...
This is the first place I visit when I get back to the old hometown...

Must have at least 1, usually 2 of these each day while I am here!!

That is all for now. I will keep you all updated,

I have lots to do tomorrow, oops it is already

tomorrow...so everyone have a great day!!

Lotsa love,

Gig, xoxo


just bob said...

Glad your mom is doing better... jb

Megan said...

I'll be thinking about you!

Gig said...

Thanks jb and Megan!!
I am back home for now...Mom is out of ICU and doing much better. I am going to work on getting things ready for her here.

Gig, xoxo

Karen ^..^ said...

I'm sorry about your mom...

It must be a very difficult thing to have to watch a parent go through this.

Pretty cool that your mom's birthday is valentine's day.

I can definitely relate to the tired woman thing.
I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this. :(

Hope things work out soon.

Cece said...

I enjoyed our conversation on the phone last night, even if it was short. I'll try to call you this weekend and check up on you. So I know how Mr. Big's test goes on Friday. Just know we are thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. Take care of yourself, cause God knows you are taking care of many. Love ya,

kylie said...

just dropping by to see how you are going.
take care and lots of love


Gig said...

Thanks for dropping by...my Mom is home and doing better. It is not always easy, but I try to do the best I can.

Yea, it is cool about her birthday, except this year when I had to insist that she go to the hospital...

The tired woman thing is ongoing these days, but I know I am Strong and will keep on going!!


Gig said...

Hey Cece!!
I am glad I called, even though it was a short call, I enjoyed it, got me closer to home. We go over to Traverse for Ed to see the Cardiologist today. Hopefully we can get to the "heart" of things and get him on to surgery next week. I will let ya know.

love ya,

Gig said...

Taking things a day at a time right now...thanks for checking on me. I really do appreciate it.

I have been out there lurking, not always commenting but I have not left bloggerworld!!


Leah said...

Hi Gig sweetie! Glad you're hanging in there--you've sure got a lot going on--I'm thinking of you too. You are woman! You're invincible!


Megan said...

How's Mr. Big?

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Just exhale. You're an amazing woman and you know I adore the hell out of you. I'll try to call this weekend just to say "Hey!" and lend support. Yes, it's true, Cece has taught me the value of "Hey!" She kills me you know. Infact, for the first time in months I was on time to the park this morning. The phone rang. I answered it like a moron! Guess who? Cece. I was done! The woman kills me! Even at 8:30 am. I love that woman. Because of her I ended up late to the park, but got out early, so basically I did good.

I know this is a difficult time, but we're all here and we love you so much. Lean on us when you need and run like hell when the need is greater! What? Of course I'm laughing. I was just talking to Bindi two nights ago and you'll laugh. Little Queen is up all day and Noah is up all night. Motherhood. Bindi is exhausted. Oh, and Little Queen...wow, can she talk. What a little smarty pants!!!!! I'm hoping Cece get's down there to take photos.

And one more thing. I think we should do something special for Bindi. I'd like to take up a collection and buy something special for Noah. What do you think? A dollar or two, or five. Five is the cut off point. Can we do this?

I love you honey. I'll call.


Gig said...

I am hanging in there,lol. One day at a time...I hope things are going a little better for you all.

Lotsa snow today, sure is pretty if you're inside!

Take care,
Gig, xoxo

just bob said...

Hi Gig.

Gig said...

Mr. Big is doing ok, right now he is out snow blowing the 10 in. of snow we got yesterday. Surgery is still set for this Wednesday. Hopefully there will not be any more last minute glitches.

I am chillin right now...should be cleaning house. Oh, well it is not going anywhere.

gig, xoxo

Gig said...

It is good to see you here...miss ya blottie. I am just trying to breathe these days...seems there is something new that pops up everyday. I am trying to get Ed ready for his surgery...my Mom ready to move here...work...the list is endless. *takes deep breath and EXHALES*.

It woud be wonderful to do something for baby Noah, give me a call whenever you can.

love ya,
gig, xoxo

Gig said...

Hi jb!!
It is Sunday and Nascar is in CA, so I have to wait awhile to watch, Fontana is not my favorite track...next week is cool in Vegas though.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!
Happy Birthday!!