February 7, 2009

It is still Winter....

The Groundhog did not come through for me, damn!! Six more weeks of winter!!
We will survive, we always do. The temp did reach 50 degrees yesterday...the driveway is a solid sheet of ICE. I informed Mr. Big he could not leave the house today...
I did not want him slippin and sliding, LOL. Surprise, he listened, that might be a first!!
I thought I would share a few pics of this cold northern weather, brrr....the first 2 pics are from the Polar Dip at Houghton Lake's Tip Up Town Festival
last month, go here to check it out.

Here is Em having some fun in our front yard...
Grandpa tried to make a few "hills" to slide down on. I think she was having fun.

These pictures are from Higgins Lake, which is about 10 miles from here. It is usually the last lake in this area to freeze over...it is very deep. Then in the Spring it is the first to lose the ice.

I hope you enjoy the pictures
from my part of the country.
We are expecting some rain,
then some more snow in the next
few days. We have a grandson
that is coming to visit this weekend,
so we need the snow to stay a
little longer, *sigh*. Grandpa is going
to take him out riding. I have to work...
something is wrong with this picture!!
I do plan on getting at least
1 ride in before the 25th of this
month. That is the big day of surgery for Mr. Big.
It is time for me to try and get some sleep,
yea right, but I am going to try!!
I will be making the rounds and checking
in and seeing what everyone is doing...
Lotsa love,


Megan said...

Hi Gig! Thanks for the kind words over at my place. Always nice to see you.

Brrrr, cold. Good for you keeping Mr. Big inside today!

Karen ^..^ said...

WOW!!! Where I would most definitely NOT go polar swimming, lacking the beautiful thick white coat of a polar bear, I do have to say I miss the winters.

Call me crazy...

just bob said...

I've seen people doing a polar plunge before. They are CRAZY!!!

Stay warm.

Gig said...

I always have a great time over at your place. Great to see you here. Hopefully soon the cold weather will be gone and Spring will arrive. Mr. Big had to go out today for preop tests, plus go get some salt for all the ice in driveway. *fingers crossed* hoping he does not fall.

Gig said...

Tip Up Town is so much fun, as long as you are dressed warm...I have watched the "crazy ones" doing the polar dip!! It is not for me!! I do hope to get out snowmobiling this week sometime, I will take pics and post them.

Thanks for info on the hair products over at the onion, I suggested to Suze to email you too and get some ideas for her hair.

Gig said...

Bob, I am trying to stay warm, I have not left the house yet today,lol.

Always happy to see you here, take care.


Megan said...

You will keep us posted on the Op and Postop, right?

Hugs to you!!!

Gig said...

Oh yes, I will keep everyoe updated on Mr. Big...his surgery for his rotator cuff etc., is Feb. 25th. Of course it is his right shoulder, so he will not be able to drive for at least six weeks,*sigh*. We will muddle through though. I just want him to feel better. Thanks for coming by...we are going this morning for his final clearance from his Dr.
Gig, xoxo

Leah said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful.

and that mermaid is definitely, as you say, crazy. The latest I've "dipped" was late October in upstate NY, and I swear I thought I had hypothermia from 5 seconds of that!!!


Kookaburra said...

Hi Gig,
Boy that snow looks cool and refreshing.
I'm hopping on a plane to come over to your place (not really) but I sure would like too. It is too darned hot down here!

Cheers and beers,

Cece said...

Hey you,
How is Mr. Big doing? I am guessing he has had his surgery by now. How is your mom doing. I was going to call you tonight, but I got busy doing other things. Like watching T.V and reading a book. Sorry, I lost track of time. Hope things are good. Call me some time.

Love ya,