January 9, 2009

I won't be gone long...I will be out there lurking and commenting but there is way too much chaos in my house and mind right now for me to even concentrate on anything!!
Hopefully by next week...Mr. Big and I will have our house to ourselves again.
I love my daughter and her family very much, but...we all need our own space. Four adults, six children (ages 4 to 14), 2 cats and 1 dog. Need I say more!! They are in the process of moving 30 miles from here, but there have been little glitches, so they have been here for several weeks. Too many Chiefs for all the Indians!! We all have different ways of doing things...so I have been biting my tongue alot...it is really bleeding !! Now of course the wonderful, beautiful gkids would probably differ with that! They say all I do is yell and scream and tell them what to do or not do. Oh well, such is life and it is my house. Needless to say, I have been a little grouchy and so has Grandpa. I am ready to just be Grandma and play and enjoy them...
I am taking them to their new home tomorrow after school, then we have to go get ready for the monthly breakfast that we are in charge of at our local Eagles Club on Saturday.
Take care and I will see you all real soon here at Gigsville!!
Lotsa love,


just bob said...

Hi Gig.

Megan said...

Grandma is still the best. Don't even worry about it.

Gig said...

Hi Bob,
Glad you stopped by...I am enjoying quiet instead of sleeping,lol.

Gig said...

Thanks, if I haven't told you, I love your blog, I always leave with a smile...

Queen Goob said...

Your peace and quiet is right around the corner. Funny, wanna bet when they're gone you'll miss the noise....eventually?

You're a good soul, Gig.

Happy New Year!

Gig said...

Thanks Goobie,
I do miss them when their not here, makes me really glad to see them...

Good to see you!!

Karen ^..^ said...

Too much of a good thing is still too much of it. We need that balance. Seeing them just enough to sooth the hurt from missing them, and missing them enough to feel really good about seeing them.

I completely understand. You are a good grandma. And a good mom.

Best of all, you are a good new friend. ;)

Gig said...

Thank you dear new friend!! It is a wonderful world here in bloggerland...

I did have a short time of quiet till this afternoon...now finally 8 hrs later it is quiet again. But there are 3 gkids here...by next weekend they should be all moved, I can only hope.
Gotta lot going on right now, just need to get through the next couple of days.
Will visit soon...

Gig, xoxo

kylie said...

hey gig,
i'm wondering if there's enough distance for you to be missing the "little ones" yet?
they're not all so little now, are they?

i'm so sorry that you and Ed lost a wonderful friend. there are never words but my thoughts are with you
i hope my post at a yarn helps in some way, it's nice to know that the Big Fella is listening even when we're not sure of the words, eh?


Suzanne said...

Me "Hi, Mr. Big?"
Mr. Big "Wrong number."
Me "No, no, no, it's not, don't hang up. Is Gig there!?"

Too funny. Great talking to you today and thanks honey. I love you too. You're the best. We'll make it through all this, won't we? My thoughs are with you and Mr. Big.

I do believe Michigan might be the right place for the Blogger Reunion. Seriously. I wouldn't mind staying in a tent as long as it isn't downwind of IV's cig smoke. I agree with you completely, we are all going to meet one day. And you know what? It's going to be INSANELY FUN!!!! I'm confident of one thing...we'll have really great food!

I love you darling and thanks for your kind words both at my blog and on the phone. You're a great lady, great mom and great gram. The gkids will realize that one day. Probably when their hormones stop raging.

Love you baby!

Hi Bob
Hi Megan
Hi Goobie
Hi Karen
Hi Kylie


Cece said...

I know that today and tomorrow will be difficult days for you and Mr. Big. Please know that I am thinking about both of you and sending you love and good vibes. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need to talk, or if you just need an ear to cry into. I understand grief, perhaps a little too well as of late. I am here for you. God bless,

Karen ^..^ said...

Hi Suze. How's the eye? How's everything else?

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