December 24, 2008

It will be a White Christmas!!

It has snowed every day for...I don't know, like forever!! It sure seems that way. Another 8 to 10 inches of fluffy white "stuff" is on its way later this morning. I can hardly wait.

The gkids are here and they will get up in the morning and will say: "Giggggg....I want the super, duper, extra special breakfast, pleaseeeee!!" Just what is a super, duper, extra special breakfast you ask...well...

Pancakes, Grits, Bacon or Sausage and Cheesy Scramble eggs...and the kitchen sink!! Mr. Big says they are spoiled, but he sure doesn't give his plate away.

Hopefully, they then will take their full tummies and go outside and play till they are almost frozen. Guess what time it will be then...time to EAT again!! Since I will be in the kitchen anyway, a few minutes to make a few sandwiches, what the hell...

I have a Cheesecake, Pumpkin pies, Pecan pie to bake. Plus all the fixings for tonight and Christmas Day, whew! Hopefully my Son-in-law will keep up the great job of washing dishes.

I do have all my shopping done, just got done last night, just in time to wrap and let the kiddies rip them open!!

The gkids are very excited, it will be very busy and noisy, but I wouldn't change this time with them. They all love to help in the kitchen and I love letting them help me. We are making memories...I want them to remember and embrace this tradition of spending time with family and friends.

The perfect way for me to begin Christmas Day is attending Midnight Mass...a time to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas...celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus.
Christmas Day will be more of the

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to all and to all
Lotsa love,


just bob said...

Save me some scrambled eggs.... puhleez?

Merry Christmas Gig!!!

Gig said...

You betcha, JBob...breakfast will be around 10:00 a.m.
Baked Caramel French Toast is on for Christmas Morning...I never seem to get out of the kitchen, but that is by my choice...I love to cook and have everyone enjoy.

Merry Christmas jbob!!!

kylie said...

sounds wonderful, gig

good food, great memories, sweet company & someone to wash up just puts the icing on the cake!

have a wonderful Christmas


farmgirl said...

I would be happy to take some of your snow for the holiday. Just send it right down via Alberta Clipper.
I will also happily sample any of the pies that you are making.
I hope this holiday is full of blessings for you and yours-
xoxo Mc2

Leah said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely. The breakfast, oh my! Baked Caramel French Toast! It is to swoon...

Merry Christmas Gig!!!!



be safe this holiday season and enjoy your self... heh heh...

Cece said...

I baked a cheese cake lastnight, but I brought it with me to work today. The boys want a pumpkin roll, so I have to bake that tonight after I get home. I've had my shopping done for a few weeks now, but I did just finish the wrapping last night. HB and I are both off tomorrow so we will get to have a wonderful Christmas with just the four of us and plenty of rest. The boys are so excited. They are going to be even more excited once the see everything that is still upstairs waiting for Santa to deliver it. I can't believe I got them all of that stuff. Most of it is Science related, so it isn't like they are completely spoiled rotten. Is it? Are they? I want some of your snow. Can you make me some snow ice cream and mail it to me on dry ice? HA!!! Anyway, I love ya, I won't call because I know you house is full and your hands are full, and you are having a blast with your wonderful, sweet, full, and loving family. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

Megan said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Queen Goob said...

Lots of hugs for you and yours!


save me some pork

Kookaburra said...

This is a lovely post, Gig. May I please have some scrambled eggs and bacon for brekkie?
Have a wonderful Christmas Day and our love to you and Ed and your family.

Mark, Jo, and Helen. xo xo xo

Gig said...

Glad you stopped by...hope your Christmas day was wonderful!!
I have survived so sure it will be a nice day.


Gig said...

I am sending you some snow...may be rain by the time it reaches you though. I will post some pics soon.

The pies are almost ready, as is everything else. I am waiting for Santa to arrive...I am Santa tonight for 3 of the gkids that spent the night with us.

I hope that your holiday is filled with hope, love and wonderful family surrounding you and yours...
gig, xoxo

Gig said...

So happy to see you!! The French toast is ready for the oven in the morning. I ran out of time on a few things, but there will be plenty. When I do so much cooking I usually don't eat!! But, I am a I get it ready!

Love ya,
Gig, xoxo

Gig said...

My goal today is not to go out of the house,cuz the roads are absolutely horrible.

So, therefore, as I cook, I will be drinking, heh,heh!!

Merry Christmas to you and Cheese and little cheeses!!

gig, xoxo

Gig said...

Merry Christmas, honey!!
I know the boys must be excited, it has been crazy all day, OMG...but it is quiet now. I am trying to unwind and visit with everyone.

Believe me I would love to send all of you a BIG BOX of SNOW!!
It has been years since I have seen this much snow this early in the season.

Enjoy your day tomorrow with hubby and the boys, you are a great Mom and wife, don't forget it!!

I may try to call later tomorrow if I can...

Love you,
Gig, xoxo

Gig said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Great post over at the Cafe Megan!!

Gig, xoxo

Gig said...

What's the temp there...gotta be better than here!!
I am ready for some warmth...

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Lots of hugs,

Gig said...

Scrambled eggs and bacon coming right about some Baked Caramel French toast?

Thanks for stopping by Mark.

Sending you all lots of love and hugs, Gig