April 19, 2008

A Time of Reflection and Attitude

It has been a week of reflection
for me...struggling with many different
emotions...anger, frustration and
sadness...always looking for the goodness in
those around me, but somehow only witnessing
the smallness and meanness of some that had
been near and dear to my heart...but no more.
I went on a search for words that would express what
I was feeling in my heart...not words of anger
or sadness but postive words that would guide
me each day in my desire to be a stronger,
kinder person, even to those who have hurt me.
As I searched for the right words,
I kept thinking it has to do with Attitude...

The longer I live, the more I realize the
impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me,
is more important than facts. It is more
important than the past, than education,
than money, than circumstances, than failures,
than success, than what other people think or
say or do. It is more important than appearance,
giftedness, or skill. It will make or break
a company...a church...a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice
everyday regarding the attitude we
will embrace for that day. We cannot change
our past...we cannot change the fact that people
will act in a certain way. We cannot change
the inevitable. The only thing we
can do is play on the one string we have, and
that is our attitude...I am convinced that life
is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how
I react to it. We are in charge of our Attitudes.

~Charles Swindoll~

Thank you all for reading and
listening to my thoughts

Love, Gig


kylie said...

yep, gig,
attitude is everything.
i hope things are looking up for you

Gig said...

It is a new week and it can only get better. That is why I am trying to let go of people, places and things that are negative. So yes, it is all in the Attitude.

Things are better, it really helps to be able to express these feelings and then move on.


Kookaburra said...

Dear Gig,
It's a case of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I find that 'attitude' or 'ego' is responsible for many of my shortcomings. Please find it in your heart to forgive those whom have upset you either knowingly or unknowingly during the week just gone. May the coming week find you more at peace with your soul.
Remember, your friends are always here for you.
May God bless you,
Mark XO
ps. This should put a smile on your dial. The word verification is: - mqbum

Cece said...

Well, my sister Theresa has had an absolutely wonderfully positive attitude during her battle with cancer, and she has beat it for almost 10 years now, so yeah, I think attitude will take you a long way. I try to start my day at work with a smile at everyone I meet. I have had people aske me several times, "Why are you always smiling?" My reply to them is, "Would you prefer that I frown?" They would always answer back, "No." So I too hope things start looking up for you. Keep thinking positive, and if that doesn't work, swith gears and think, well, at least I'm not dead. Thank you for stoping by my sister Carol's page. She really can be a hoot, but she may be a bit reserved at first. She has one son, a step daughter and two beautiful grandsons. And a great big heart, so I think everyone will love her if she sticks around long enough. my word verification is lqhkzjev. You know, you can turn this word verification stuff off.

CSI Seattle said...

I have been absent for some time, but I appear to have returned at an emotional time. As I read the passage in this post, I did not realize at first that it was a quote. I thought that these were your words, but then at some level, I suspect that these are in fact your words.

And what lovely words they are.

Attitude is a difficult thing to control at times. Forcing one self to be happy is not always possible. But identifying the negative forces and giving them the boot is a great start. (I find that exercise can change my outlook as well...)

I know that you have made numerous visits over at my place and have offered some very kind words. Thank you very much for your support. Have an excellent week.


Suzanne said...

Like Mark said, we're always here for you. I experienced the loss of dear family members I though loved me as much as I loved them. It nearly broke my heart. It still hurts. I don't think acceptance or forgiveness is ever easy because pain is so profound, but it's necessary in order to move on. I felt as if I was grieving and actual death. That process can be long and hard, but you seem to already know the path you want to take. I wish you the very best my dear friend and I'm so sorry for your loss.

I want to also thank your for writing words that helped me.

Love you,

Leah said...

Gig, I'm sorry for the rough patch. Boy, do I agree with you that it's 90% attitude. Of course, sometimes my own BAD attitude makes me feel guilty because I know I can handle things better with a better attitude!

And I agree with letting go of negative people and places. That's a tall order, but in the end you'll be more at peace. I do find distancing myself, at least, from negativity is a good idea.

Take care of yourself--


Gig said...

Thanks for caring, it means a lot to me. The sad part is I have forgiven these people already only to be trampled on again. That is why I am moving on and focusing on my attitude. I am a forgiving person, but I will not put myself in the same postion with this group again.
So, I am on to new and better things. BTW, the weather is great here, I think Spring has arrived, Yee Haww!!!
NASCAR: Kyle Busch won the race in Mexico City on Sunday. The next race is in Alabama (Roll Tide!!) at Talledaga. I will keep you updated.

Cheers and beers

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
I was been away for a bit more...
I had a rough week...
just stopping for you only...

yes, sweetie, attitude is everything... I believe everything happening or happened or going to happen have a reason...
I too try to stay away from negative stuff.. that is good for you...
yesterday we had an accident...Brian got hurt...but his positive force and calmness was remarkable...even when he was in horrible pain...
I will be here for you as all of our friends...
I will mail you soon and talk to you (later today)
forgive me for not visiting you earlier..
I love you and praying for you sweetie...

Gig said...

I will have to remember about switching gears,LOL, I love that!!

Hopefully, we won't scare your sister away, we will just have to keep Suze under control,"now Suze, you know how much we love you", "you are the glue that keeps us all together,".

I will also think of your sister Theresa and continue working on positive attitude and smiling like you do.

Love you,

Gig said...

Hi Brian,
It is really nice to see you out and about!
Yes, it has been a *little* emotional, but it is better. I have been distancing myself (giving the boot)from the ones that are not really true friends.

When I found the quote on "Attitude", I loved it. It said everything I felt. I wished that I had written it.

Glad you are doing good. I will be stopping by to see how the book is progressing.

Take care and have a great week!


Gig said...

I am sorry that you have had to experience this pain. You are so right about forgivness not being easy, but life is not supposed to be easy, or so I hear.

I feel very blessed that I could write about my feelings and all my "blogging friends" have written to me and have been so thoughtful and encouraging to me.
I appreciate that so much. I love you for listening and sharing your loss with me.

Take care,
love you,

"Ok, I am ready to play the slots, who wants to join me?"

Gig said...

My goal is to take charge of my Attitude, especially by not responding negatively to the former friends.

The sad part is the ones that I am now distancing myself from have been upset with Mr. Big, (over political things concerning an organization we both belong to), have taken their anger and frustrations out on me. It is like being back in High School.
Ok, enuf said on that.
Thanks for all your support, it really means a lot to me!!

Bring Hedgie and we'll get Serene and Little Gig and we will go on over to the onion for some yummy cupcakes.

Maybe later we can *slide* into the vegas room for a little *action*



without the pains in life there would be no joy... good on you for taking time to reflect and not self destruct...

btw, i love the red and black lettering combo... looks good..

Gig said...

I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope Brian is doing ok. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

You are right about everything happening for a reason. Being able to express these *yucky* feelings and everyones heartfelt response has helped me to really begin to let go of the bad and embrace the good around me.

Thank you for being my friend,

Love you,

Gig said...

Sometimes to get to the Joy, you do have to suffer thru the pain, but I will Survive, not going to self-destruct just yet...

I stopped by your place earlier while I was at work, but did not have time to comment...so I will see you back over there later.

Thanks for comment on the colors, I really like the red, black combo. Just may leave it like that for a while, sorta reminds me of yours.

I seen that there is a new post at the wild onion, guess I better go see what you posted, hope you restocked your coat of many pockets!!

Kookaburra said...

Hey Gig,
I didn't give the V8 Racing in Hamilton, NZ my full attention. Garth Tander won Race 3. My driver Rick Kelly was 3rd or 4th I think.
I will provide further details, soon.

Kookaburra said...

I saw your comment to I.V. about the color combination. Red and Black is good :) They are the Essendon Bomber colors!
Check out out my Windy Hill blog.

Suzanne said...

We're all here because we love ya baby! Now let's play some slots. I've never played slots, don't even know what it is, so you'll have to teach me. I only know how to play poker. Is slots the game where you put money in the little hole and can win a million dollars?! If so, I'm in! How much money will I need to win a million, a million? Well, that could take a while because I can only take out $300 a day from the ATM, AND it might take a number of years to earn it first. Let's play poker. You can win a hundred pennies in an hour or so and feel like a real winner!

Oh, and about "keeping Suze under control" with poor Cece's sister. Nope. Not gonna happen! Cece has taught me how to be free at the cafe (NO RULES!) and now that I've burned my bra, I'm not going back! I'm not wearing underwear either, and I'm lovin' it baby! (Okay, that's a line I stole from Seinfeld!) And by the way, where the hell are my shoes. And as far as me "being the glue," I gave that some thought and the only glue I could come up with is Tacky Glue, the kind you buy at the craft store! However, it's water soluable. So obviously you can get away at any time by simply taking a dip in Cece's pool.

Oh, and if Leah and Bindi come with the kids and you later go to the Vegas Room...*Jumping up and down, hand raised, screaming ME, ME, ME...* "Can I please babysit?!" I'll feed them some more cupcakes and soda and then Mark, Jo and Helen will help me mozy them on over to the dance floor, find some pretty shoes and with the biggest sugar high, dance the night away. Trust me, they'll sleep like babies!

Oh, and Inner Voices...yup red and black is beautiful if you can actually read it. Thank God you finally got with the program. You little rascal you (and yes, I read your comment over on Shutterspy about the iron...I left a message). :)

Love you all! And to all a good night. Oh, it's only 3:51 pm. Okay. This is not my blog. Hey Gig, Love ya honey! See you at the cafe!

Gig said...

Ok Glue,oops Suze,
Good thing we know you have an AWESOME sense of humor!!! Tacky not you, never. Control can be a good thing...somebody has to keep us "busy children in line". That would be line dancing ya know. Yee Haaww!!

I think the sweet children would love to have cupcakes and soda with Auntie Suze!! But first we will go to the vegas room and I will show you how to donate "play" the slots.
I like the penny slots, last time I won 400.00, not quite a million, but nice return on my 20.00. I do like poker too. So get ready to play, dance and drink!!

Love you,
See you at the Wild Onion!!

Suzanne said...

Gig~~~I'll see you soon! I love the slots now that I know what they are! Nice average on return. I can do $20!

Honey, Bindi wrote to me after you. Take a look. I replied. She is under so much stress and I know could use every one of us to get through this. I'm going to go round up the troups, but I'll need to protect my shoulder in case of friendly fire. (Wow...sounds like I'm from Texas! The "Qween's" country!) I'm grateful Cece is nearby, just incase.

I also realize Bindi doesn't know how to drive. That scares the crap out of me. If she can't get her license, she should at least have a bike. I'm not joking. When we were in college we traveled all around Berkely on our bikes. Or perhaps she should have a moped or scooter (no license needed). I thought of her and Serene stuck in a car with her husband unable to drive and I literally felt a panic take over. You have to have a Plan B. Always. I have a feeling Bindi could drive a car if absolutely necessary. She's very smart and I know she must be aware of how to work everything, she just has to believe it.

I love you. I think she needs you. So please stop by.

I'll still be at the Cafe waiting for you, no matter how late you show up.


Gig said...

I am going to leave you a message here, and your place, plus the onion.
I emailed Bindi a few hours ago, and will again before I go to sleep. I did not know she does not drive, like you I am sure she could do it.

She is so precious, she had emailed me a card and note, worried about me, when she has way more going on than I do.
I wish I was closer to go help.

I understand the pain with the dislocated shoulder, and your panic about her husband driving to the hospital. Mr. Big dislocated his shoulder last Dec. He is still suffering, getting better, but I was glad I was home to drive to the hospital.
I will keep checking in. Plus,you are recuperating from one also.

Love you, Gig

Kookaburra said...

So sorry to read that Brian has a dislocated shoulder :(
I hope Brian is alright. I am sure that he is getting the best care available.

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. I know. Bindi hardly ever lets on she's going through hell. She's too good to all of us, but we have to let her know that we are her safety net. I worry that something will happen and we won't know, so who will save her! I know...insane! But I worry. Ask Leah, I think I'm Jewish. Cuz I worry all the time!!! Why wouldn't I? I have this huge collection of friends being held together by Tacky Glue!

Has Mr. Big gone through P.T.? It's a life saver. I can't advocate it enough. I learned to do things differently and avoid surgery for now. Am I me before this dislocation? Nope. And I've accepted I will never be. Life changes. It simply has to at some point. We grow older and things have to change. I don't recommend the way I dealt with a dislocation. It was stupid. Pay attention, get things done and move on. Early treatment is the key.


Gig said...

Yes, hubby did have 6 weeks of P.T. and it did help a lot!! He stil has pain on some days. He already had a bad shoulder from many years of playing softball. Someday he many have to have his rotator cuff repaired. Plus a knee, at least he really enjoyed playing sports in his younger days. Now, he is happy to get a round of golf in, but he has yet to this year...

I guess we will have to keep checking with Bindi, I am glad that Cece is not to far away, but she has her plate full too.

Always remember we are like a puzzle, and each one of us is a piece...each piece has a unique special place in this blogger puzzle...we need the glue (be it tacky or super)to keep us together.
There is always room to add more pieces...

Love you,

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. You know what, your hubby and I know what's up. It isn't pretty. I don't dislocate much any more because I learned how not to, but when the weather is cold or a storm is coming in, the pain is horrible. As he will tell you, it's a constant ache. But if that's all I have to endure, I'll be okay. Shoulder surgery scares the crap out of me. When I was told the statistics and recovery period, I just started to cry. Honestly. I can't fit that sort of stuff into my life. I can't, so I just keep pluggin' along and hope I can get to 60 before it's necessary.

How did hubby dislocate his shoulder? Mine was so simple and stupid. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But nope! Not possible.

Good luck to us all!


Gig said...

It happened on Dec. 6th. Mr. Big,(my sweet dear hubby)went out thru the garage to meet the school bus, and one of those precious gkids had left a sled (a very thin slippery one). He did not see it, cuz it blended with the floor. Down he went!! Papa told Logan, who can move as slow as a turtle, to hurry and get Gig cuz he was hurt. Logan came running and said Papa is DOWN!! Then it was off to the E.R., they were very quick and had it back in place and we were back home in a little over 1 hr.!
He was very good about doing what he was told. He missed out on Snowmobiling till late Feb., muzzleloading, and believe me I know how painful that was for him and me,LOL. Plus we had not finished moving...

Anyway, it is getting better, if he does to much, it hurts and I know it still aches.

Hang in there Suze, I do understand with everthing you have going on why you did what you did. I hope the ache eases up.

Take care and I will be heading over the wild onion!!
XO Gig

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
I am here just to let you know we are fine!
I got your email and will get back to you soon...just now i got my little one to sleep and taking that time to talk to my dear friends...no.... family..
Thank you for your kind words, love and support...
I'll be back soon..
Take care Sweetie!
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Bindi, I love you to death. I love the line "friends...no...family." That's how I feel too. I love this place and I love our family. I couldn't imagine life without all of you now. I just couldn't. I know things will change over the years, and that's okay, just so long as we know we're family and love one another.

Gig, you're hubby was lucky to have a little guy to run the message into Grammie! And then get to the emergency room quickly. I was fortunate in that when my shoulder dislocated, I was able to pop it back in. The doctors still can't believe it, but it was easy. Painful, but easy. But that was my downfall because I didn't go to the emergency room or to the doctor's. And the journey began. It was ugly. It just kept popping out and slipping back in every day for months and months and I egnored it out of complete stupidity. I don't recommend that sort of behavior to anyone. I will pay dearly, as you know.

And yes, poor hubby's shoulder will probably ache all the days of his life. It's such an odd injury. It's repaired, but it isn't. It reminds you constantly that you made a mistake. I hope the grandkids have learned not to leave sleds around that blend with the garage floor!

Love you sweetie!
P.S. Oh, love that as a sub you were the Queen of "In school detention." I'd tell you a funny story, but you'd never respect me! Let's just say I was in "In school detention" for three days in high school. I was supposed to be in at home suspention, but talked my way into in school detention by telling the principal "well...at home I can watch TV, read, do anything I want, don't you think in school detention would be more of a deterrant!" Yup, I got what I asked for and regreted every single word! I'd hope my parents would find out, but was a jack ass for thinking so (kids!), but they did AND I got in school suspension! Yey. I never said I was brillaint! I'll just say this. I looked at the teacher's aid that babysitted us every day and felt sorry for her. Why? Because she had to sit in a room with no windows and if we moved, tell us not to. It didn't make sense. Did I learn a lesson? Yes, of course. The most meaningful was, the school and parents are in constant contact. Who knew!?

Suzanne said...

This will be quick because I'm off to feed the ferals, but just want you to know I posted and you can see some photos of the old homestead! Oh, and I realized you aren't on my blog roll? Did you know that? I've always assumed you were, but was trying to find you this morning to click on, but couldn't. Good Lord!!! You know I need an assistant. I can't keep up with myself. See, I'm not joking!

Hope you have a terrific day. Keep those little juvenile delinquents in check missy! You never know who might go on to be president or a big shot blogger! I should be home by 11am. If you can slip out undetected, come over to the Cafe and we'll have a beverage. :) (And perhaps throw some coins in the "slops.")

Love ya!

Suzanne said...

Don't laugh in front of the students. You'll never get any respect.

Suzanne said...

You finally have a place of honor under "D." Sorry about that sweetie. Who knew? I need a damn assistant.

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Hope you having a beautiful day!
Thank you for your loving support and kind words...that means a lot to me..
I have emailed you...
I'll check back soon!
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Hey baby, go to my blog and collect something when you get yourself out of the detention room.

Suzanne said...

Honey, where are you? Did those kids hurt you? I didn't see a "Breaking News" report on MSNBC, so assume you're safe. Life is so boring without you!


just bob said...

I "next blog" found my way here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I recently started blogging myself and am trying to share my feelings as well.