April 24, 2008

We are Ok....

This is way to scary, getting on the southbound
I-75 you have to pass these flame...click on pic
and check out the cheapest gas in town!!

This is where I spend time raising money for charity

This is from the parking lot of Ramada Inn

This was taken from south of Grayling at Pioneer Hill
around Roscommon, MI, approx. 15 miles away.

This what we have been dealing with today!! I was not in Detention (subbing) today. I was an Algebra teacher.... then I went to the Hair Salon...then the smoke rolled in...and we were evacuated just as I finished my last client!!

It has been so dry here and it is still not over, but here are a few pictures of what is going on. The last I heard on my scanner over 1200 acres have burned. The fire dept have been able to save our major buildings but we have lost cabins and a rest area and I-75 has been closed now for hours. The power is out in town, but we have power here and INTERNET, but can smell the smoke. Though it is not as bad as it was at work, plus the ash was bad. There is no SCHOOL tomorrow.

I am thankful that not anybody has been hurt. The wind has died down, so that is slowing things down. Click here for more info and updates. http://tv7and4.com/

This is why I have not been checking in with everyone, I will keep everyone updated.

I am thankful for all our firefighters and police, plus our National Guard who protect us.

Please keep our small city of Grayling in your thoughts and prayers.

Lotsa love,

Good Morning to everyone,
The fire is now 30% contained. We had a little rain late last night. People have been allowed to return to their homes. There were at least 6 homes damaged or destroyed that we are aware of. We were very fortunate that the fire did not reach the Admiral Gas Station! Across the road from that is the Ramada Inn which they were able to save. If either one of these businesses had burned it would have had a domino effect all the way to our Downtown District. We are blessed with wonderful firefighters and DNR. The Police did a great job directing all the traffic in and around our small town. I-75 is the main north/south expressway that leads to our town and where the fire jumped across. It was opened again about 11:00 p.m.
I am heading off to work at the Hair Salon, got to make everyone beautiful!!
Thanks to everyone for all your support and love, Gig


Anonymous said...
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malaysia baru said...

We are sorry to get to know that.

May Allah help you all.

How are your 14 grandchildren? The more, the merrier...

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
I am so sorry to hear this..
Hope everything will calm down soon..
You and family in my prayers and thoughts...It is scary to see the pictures so i can only imagine the horror your town is going through..
♥ & ((hugs))

Ps. delete that first comment...it is a spam..

Gig said...

Thanks, we are ok in our part of town, though we may not have power for work tomorrow,already there is not school.

Cece's Dad is in hospital, visit her blog comments for info.

I will know more on damage when we can get thru town.

Love you,

'54Bomber said...

My dear Debbie,

My family in Australia have you and your family and the town of Grayling in our prayers at this most terrible time. We hope that everyone is alright and that not too many animals, if any, were lost to the fires. As you would know - in Australia we are used to bushfire but that doesn't mitigate and lessen the heartache and devestation that comes from such events.
All our love,
Mark,Jo and Helen.
ps The firefighters are in our prayers also.
pps If the fires start getting too close don't stay, just leave

Leah said...

Oh boy, Gig, those photos are very disturbing. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to Grayling, its police and firefighters, and most especially you!

kylie said...

dear gig,
i remember when fires were very close around sydney on christmas day a few years back, the smoke and the sky felt apocolyptic and the ash dropping out of the sky gave me an odd feeling. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and community.

Gig said...

Bomber, Kylie and Leah,
Thanks for all your prayers they are working.I knew that Aussie land has bushfires, so that you would understand. What is hard is everyday somewhere in our vast world there is a disaster happening. We all need to continue to pray for everyone.
This hit to close to home for me, in 1981 my parents home burned on Thanksgiving Day. No one was hurt, the family cat was saved. Just major damage, house was rebuilt, but one nevers forgets the smell and the feeling of helplessness. Just like that time, we all SURVIVED! We are blessed, Amen.
Love and hugs to all, Gig

Cecile said...

Hey Gig,
I am glad you guys are all ok. My dad is doing better. They may try to infuse another unit of blood, but they will do it in the CCU this time. He had a severe transfusion rx and his heart stopped last night. We are very lucky to still have him with us, but he feels a little less fortunate. He told me last night that he has had a good long life and that he wished they would have just let him go on. I told him that Mom and Theresa did what they felt they needed to do in order to live with themselves. I told him that Theresa needed him here with her for just a little bit longer to give her the support she needs to get through her current cancer ordeal. He just smiled and patted my arm and said O.K. If they don't give him any more blood, then they are going to move him to a regular room. Now I must shower and head back up there. Talk to you later. And thanks for all of the support.


Suzanne said...

Hi Gig,

I was so sorry to hear about the fire. Please stay safe and keep us informed if possible.

Love you

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Thanks for the update!
Glad to hear everything is getting back to a bit normal...
♥ & ((hugs))

bindhiya said...

are you still there??

Gig said...

I wish there was some way to make things easier for you and your family. I think what you told your Dad was the right thing. Your Mom and Theresa did what they felt was best and that is okay. Thanks for taking the time to let us know, we are praying and sending our love to you.
We are all fine here,today we have had some rain with a thunderstorm. I am going to take some pics of the area along the expressway.

Things could have a lot worse, God was watching over us...and he is you too.

Don't worry about your faith honey, it is there, and I am surrounding you with mine.
Now, Hug and love those boys!!

Love, Gig

Gig said...

Hey Suze,
Just a quick note to let you know things are much better in town today. I am going to try and take some pics tonight or tomorrow. I really appreciate everyones concern for me and my town. I know that living with the wildfires in CA, that you would understand how quickly things can go.

love, Gig

Suzanne said...

I just came back to check in. I love what you wrote to Cece. You are such a beautiful soul. When things start to turn south in my life, I want all of you around me. Seriously. This is such a supportive group of friends. I couldn't imagine life without a single one of you.

I'm glad things are getting better. I'm sure the smell isn't too pretty, but at least you're okay and the town survived. And you're absolutely right. Between earthquakes and fires, I know how life can change in an instant.

If you want to laugh really, really hard and pretend everything is okay for a few minutes, go to Random Chick's blog and help celebrate her 100th post. It is beyond funny and the comments are insane. I've had a hard day and reading that nearly killed me! You have to mix pain with a bit of laughter to get through.

I love you sweetie and I'm so glad you're okay. We'll talk soon.


bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Hope everything is getting back to normal now...

Please check my place....
I have something for you :))
Have a great weekend..
♥ & ((hugs))

kylie said...

hey deb,
i'm just checking in to say g'day. i'd second suze in saying that your comment to cecile was beautiful.
take care

Suzanne said...

I'll second his baby. Right now I'm concerned about one thing. Get your butt over to the Wild Onion. You in a whole heep alot of trouble, so get your fancy shoes into the cooler before they melt!


P.S. Of course I'll be back for the serious stuff. After we dance!