March 15, 2008

I am off to see the Easter Bunny!!!

Yes it is true. The Easter Bunny is going to be here in my Town tomorrow, oops, it is tomorrow.

Just thought I would stop by and let everyone know that I will be "hopping busy" he he he, later this morning. So, I won't be here. I will be knee deep in dye (not the hair coloring kind). There will be cookies and crafts and oh yes we have to feed all the children. Pictures must be taken with our Bunny, and then everyone will be on their way!!!

Then Mr. Big and I are off to party like Leprechaun's!! LOL Corn Beef and Cabbage and Green Beer for him, not me though. Did I tell ya I gave up booze for Lent? Only another week to go.

Hey, boss, (Suze) don't read this cuz I think I forgot to tell you I would not be at the 'Cafe' this weekend. But don't worry the NASCAR Group are in Tennesee this weekend. I did tell them they better change their tastes and start drinking the Good Stuff, ( and I'm not talking moonshine!!) Tell Cece and Robyn to share the tips!! But you better keep watching that i.v. dude, he does like to sneak in and fill all the special pockets in his coat!!

I will be back on Sunday night!!!

Hugs and Love


p.s. Mark, I will post on the tag next week, ok?

p.s.s. Also, and update on NASCAR......LET'S GO RACING BOYS!!!!!


Kookaburra said...

Hey Debbie,

You and Mr. Big have a terrific weekend. Enjoy :)

Oh, about the tag, a reply to that isn't compulsory - but I'm afraid the NASCAR update is :)
Cheers and green beers,
ps. Please forgive me.I hope that you understand my not sending you an update about Formula 1. There will be plenty of Press about that.
I will just concentrate on the V8Supercars.

Cece said...

HA, you are such a funny woman. I hope you are having a blast this weekend. Please take plenty of pics of the kids with the Bunny, and don't eat too much cabbage. It gives you gas. We'll miss ya at the Cafe this weekend, but I'm sure Robyn and I can handle it as long as Suze is around to keep us in line. I.V isn't allowed out of his jail cell on weekends, so we should be alright. Toodles.

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Hope you had a great weekend!

I don't know why am laughing at that cheers and "green beers" :)
take care
♥ & ((hugs))

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Is it Sunday night in Gigsville?
Hope you had a great time with your family!
♥ & ((hugs))

Gig said...

A great weekend was had by all!!
Thank you!:)
I am working on NASCAR update right now, hope to have it posted later tonight.
I watched a little of Formula 1. Great race.
Back to the girnd right now,

till later,

Gig said...

It was a Blast, especially me watching the Cheap Entertainment!! I am still very tired though, playing catch up with sleep. I was too busy and never did eat Irish Food. OH, well another year...
The Cafe looked pretty quiet this weekend, what's up with that?
Hope your weekend was great.

till later,

Gig said...

It was a great weekend! Thank you.
It is now past Sunday night in Gigsville!!
I am running a little behind, but am working on catching up.:)

Hope everything is good with you and your family. Give Sweet Serene hugs and kisses from me.

till later,