January 10, 2008

Hope Spring arrives Soon!

Posted by PicasaWishful thinking! We have had rain all week and lost most of our snow, and now we are supposed to get 7-9 in. of snow tonight and Friday. Only in Michigan!

I am a little slow with the Christmas pic, but better late, than never. I have been working all week dealing with high school students that do not want to be in the class I am subbing for. Or maybe some do, cuz they don't want to be in their regular classes. It is interesting for the most part, they keep me on my toes. I will write more later.

Good thoughts to all



Kookaburra said...

Hello Gig,

It semms that high school students are the same the world over.
How long before winter ends and you get to enjoy some warm sunshine? I like the photos of your family enjoying Christmas. Thank you for sharing them.


Kookaburra said...

oh, there's that typo bug again!

Gig said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for stopping by. I do figure that high school students are probably pretty similar all around the world. That is where I am at now. They are keeping me busy this morning. They are not bad kids, just need some continous positive attention. I always wanted to be a teacher, so now I get to sub from kindergarten up to high school. Plus, I still love being a hairdresser and work at that 2 days a week.
On the weather question. It usually starts in April to get warmer, but it could still snow in May. I am in Northern Michigan, so we usually stay colder longer.
Christmas was great and we love watching the kids enjoy everything.
Well, must go now and be the "Mean" Teacher lol:).

bindhiya said...

I enjoyed the pictures....
have a great one