January 7, 2008

Birthday Cake

Today we celebrated Nate's 3d Birthday with the usual cake and ice cream and presents! He was thrilled. It is not easy having a birthday so close after Santa. We were tickled to see that he remembered to go from 2 fingers to 3 on this big day. I am blessed to have healthy and beautiful grandchildren. I am always go glad to have them here, but after a busy time, I won't deny tonight I enjoyed the quiet after the party was over.
I have been trying to try some different things here in Gigsville, but it is a learning experience. Something for me to work on in my spare time lol.
I have a busy week and should already be sleeping, but here I sit typing. On my list this week: Sub three days at high school. Work at Hair Salon one day. Also, my hubby helps watch the kids after school and the list goes on and on. I guess the new year has started.
I am rambling tonight. Our snow is just about gone. As much as I love the beach and the warmth of the sun on my face, I do love to watch it snow. It just looks so clean and sparkly. But, it is still early, am sure we will get more. By March I will probably be complaining about it and searching for a warm place to visit!

Good thoughts to all

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Suzanne said...


Thanks for your wonderful support. You're so lovely.

Much love, Suzanne

Robyn said...

Love the pic of your grandson! Cute!

'54Bomber said...

Lovely photos. More please.

CSI Seattle said...

Hi Gig,

Just stopping in to say hello. Thanks for the visit at my place. It's good to meet up with new friends.



'54Bomber said...

Dear Gig,
Thanks for stopping by at my place.
I really appreciate your feedback re the poem and I am pleased you liked my last post. I was just being cheeky;and hope nobody was offended. I am having lots of fun too and am starting to become more relaxed about blogging.