January 30, 2008

Another Long, Cold Day.......

I thought this picture captured the feeling here in Michigan today. Very Cold!!! All over the country the weather has been sorta crazy. The schools were closed again today. The grandkids were bored. The school district here really tries not to have snow days, but the roads have been atrocious the last 2 days. Being sick, I have stayed in. I might venture out tomorrow, maybe, if it at least gets up to 10 degrees, lol. Then back to work on Friday.
Hope to have some fun this weekend, as we will be going to celebrate my sister-in-laws Birthday and Super Bowl Game.
I found this picture on a cool website, Michigan in Pictures, http://mishpics.wordpress.com/
Have a Great Day!
Good thought to all,


bindhiya said...

Hi Debbie,
long cold days are boring...we are having one again...it is snowing outside now..
I feel like am in a prison right now!
stay warm..
love and hugs

Gig said...

Hi Bindi,
I know the feeling..sun is shining right now...more white stuff again tomorrow. I am venturing out to do some errands. Hope you get to "break free" soon. I know you are missing your walks with your little one.
you also stay warm...

Kookaburra said...

Hi Debbie,

Enjoy your weekend and the game.

Is Superbowl a gridiron grand final. All I know is that it has something to do with Conferences. Please, what teams are playing?


Gig said...

Hi Mark,
I am sure we will have a good time over the weekend.
The Super Bowl is definitely all about a gridiron grand final.
I am far from an expert on football but I will try.
There are 2 Conferences, American Football Conference (AFC), National Football Conference (NFC). In each Conference there are 4 divisions, North, South, East and West. 4 teams in each Division. From there all I know is they start playing in Sept. until the playoffs in Jan. This year the teams are: The New England Patriots, 16-0), so they are the favorite. The other team is the New York Giants (10-6).
It should be a great game, I really enjoy the PARTY!! Lots of friends and family with good food and drinks!! I hope this helps and that I didn't ramble to much.

I will check in over the weekend.
Chat later,

Cece said...

Hi Debbie,
I hope you are feeling better. I agree that Norther Michigan is way better than downstate. I had an aunt and uncle that lived in Ludington and we would go the the lake there. We also would visit my sister and we would go to Honor where Platt river flows into lake Mich. Frankfort was also a beautiful town, too. I miss Michigan so much. I have not been back up there since 1993. I am going to link you to my page. I hope you have no objection. Enjoy the snow. OF course, you get plenty of it up there. The snow just missed us this time. We hardly ever get snow in Arkansas anymore. I miss it. I really want to make a snowman with my boys. ANyway, have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to have that fun you were talking about.

Gig said...

Hi Cecile,
I am starting to feel human again. I too enjoy the snow, we have not been able to play yet this year on the snowmobiles. My hubby dislocated his right shoulder at the beginning of Dec. and is still healing. Of course we have had more SNOW this year than the last 4!! But he will get to start riding this week, so pray for the snow to stay a little longer. I understand your wanting build snowmen with your boys. I have 2 partial snowmen in my front yard (rain melted their heads)lol. I am sure the kids will build more this week, I will try to get some pics for you and your boys. Not the same,I know, but maybe it will help a little. Well, we are downstate and going to dinner and then I am off to visit some good friends for the evening. Tomorrow will be the 2 S's, Shopping and Super Bowl!
Have a Great Weekend!

I will be honored to have you link me to your blog, Thanks


Kookaburra said...

G'day Debbie,

Thank you for the explanation of Gridiron football. It just so happens that I can watch it on SBS television today, Monday from 10 am local time.
I will be barracking for THE GIANTS!
kind thoughts,

CSI Seattle said...

I realize that my winter and your winter are not exactly the same. I wear a coat to stay warm. You wear a coat to survive. We just don't get the extremes as some other parts of the country. However, the picture you posted is fantastic.

With that said, have you felt like this winter had lasted longer and been that much colder? Just my observation I guess.

I hope that you are feeling better.


Gig said...

Survival is the name of the game here these days! It has been in low 30's last 2 days, heat wave,lol. More snow in forecast. It does seem like winter has been longer and colder to me, yet is just Feb. If it is still like this at the end of March, we will all be ready for a change of scenery!
Glad you liked the picture, it definately expressed my feelings that day.

I am feeling much better,thank you for asking.