June 20, 2009


Meet Baby, she is Jess's dog, who had
puppies 2 weeks ago. They are
precious. Baby is half
Dachshund and Chiwawa.

We are not sure what the pups Dad
is, but they have a pug face...
One is a girl, her name is Sophie and
the boys name is Doodles.

They have just opened their eyes

and are trying to stand up!
Mama is soooo...protective!

Maggie is so laid back, she

doesn't bother them.

Sophie (Scribbles was the 1st name

she was given) is on the left, with the

brown on her face. Doodles is

all black on his face.

Love to all,




Leah said...

OMG that is too freaking cute. The mama is adorable too.

Thank you so much for posting puppies!


just bob said...


Gig said...

Thanks Leah,
I have been wanting to post, miss everybody. I could not resist these puppies and their mama!! Whew...finally got the elders moved off the page!! Love em, but it was time.

I will try to be around more, I have been busy hanging out over at FB. It can be even more addicting than this!!


Gig said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for checking in!! I am still here, glad to see you over at FB. I am having fun over there too...spend way to much time on my Farm,lol. Ed says I am ADDICTED to it, imagine that!! It is funny cuz I have spent way more hours on blogger, go figure, lol!!

BTW, did whatever you were waiting for arrive or come through? I hope so for you.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. They're so beautiful and so is mom. My wee rescue from the park is also named Sophia (Sophie). She's so lovely.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm in agony right now about so much "stuff." My blog? Ahhhhhhhhh, screw it. I think I'm done with it. I really do think it's come to an end.

Sophia's daughter Emma has to be spay. And she's pregnant which mean I am going to abort her babies. Oh my god. You know me. You know how much that hurts my heart. I'm crying just writing the sentence. My darling x neighbor was here today and held me as I cried. She's so religious and so Catholic. She held me as I sobbed and said "Honey, it's okay." It's not okay. It'll never feel okay. What I'm about to do is horrible. I don't even know if I can do it.

Your babies are so pecious.

I love you Giggie. I do. And thanks for stopping by when I needed you most.

With love,

kylie said...

they are all just gorgeous, gig

i hope they bring you lots and lots of joy

Karen ^..^ said...

Awwwww. The mama's face looks like Leo's face. Heart shaped.

The pups are gorgeous, so sweet. Mama looks very protective. Like she wants to bite anyone who gets too close. So sweet, Gig!!

Cece said...

I love dogs. Who could not love dogs? Great sweet post. Tell Mr. Ed happy Father's Day for me!!!!

Megan said...


Hiya Gig!

Gig said...

Hi Kylie,
The pups are adorable, and they are lots of fun...but when they start doing their uh, outdoor stuff indoors, I may have a different view, lol.

Good to see you, thanks for being here!

Gig said...

I am happy to see you!! Glad you have a Sophia. I know you are struggling with the spaying...but sometimes as hard as something is, it still is for the best in the long run. As to your blog, what can I say, even when I am not posting I am still lurking!! We all need downtime sweetie. I did see on the phone you had called, but it was a week later. I will try and call soon.

Go to France and paint us all a beautiful painting...love you,gig

Gig said...

Thanks Karen!! Baby is very protective, though she does let us hold them now. She is a good mama,we love her so much.

Hope it has cooled off a little, would love to be at the beach, of course I would look like a lobster!!

xoxo, gig

Gig said...

Love you girlfriend, thanks for the calls, Mr. Big says hello. Glad you got the pool working? I will post updated pics of puppies when they are bigger.

Talk soon,
Gig, xoxo

Gig said...

Puppies are awesome!! I have been over at your place just been lurking, trying to play catch up, ugh. I don't know how you do it...ahh...maybe cuz your younger,lol.

Gig, xoxo

Cece said...

Haven't those puppies opened their eyes yet? Where's our new pictures. Gosh, it's not like you have a truck load of problems and a house full of kids to take care up. Come on Damnit! I"m waiting for cute puppy pictures!!!!

I know, you love me.

Yeah, call me some time. I'd like that.

Cece said...

Still no new puppy pics? You slacker!

bindhiya said...

am so sorry...
please stay strong.. we are all here for you..
love you dear
many ((hugs))

just bob said...

Hi Gig.

Anonymous said...