March 5, 2009

Chuzzle can be addicting

This has been my stress reliever lately...
I get started and don't want
to quit!! If you have not tried it,
go here to check it out.

Mr. Big did good with his surgery on
his rotator cuff. He did have to stay
overnight...thought he was going
to have to stay another day because
of his lungs, but they finally said
he could leave!! I was happy bout that
cuz, I had to work on Friday
and my Mom is here with us.
Update: Wellll....I have survived a week being the "caregiver"....
I go to work tomorrow and Friday, hopefully Mr. Big will survive with my Mom,LOL.
My Mom, bless her heart, can be quite demanding. This is a big change for her, not being in her house with all of her things, but she can not live by herself anymore.
We are working at making her as comfortable as we can.
Ok, that is all for now,
I am enjoying a little late night quiet time, yippee!!
Lotsa love,


Leah said...

I'm thinking of you! I know it's hard, but I also sense you're doing a great job. I'm glad to hear Mr. Big is doing well.

And now I'm going to check out that game. My latest obsession is Textwist, a Scrabble game. My relaxer and time-waster. Totally addictive.


Cece said...

I sympathize with you. Did Ed get my get well card? Did you get my note? Have you killed your mother yet? I've not heard from you, are you in jail for murder? LOL. Keep your chin up. Things will get better, they have too!

Gig said...

So glad to see you!! Thanks for your kind words.

Chuzzle is fun, the grkids love it too!

You will have to tell me about Texttwist, I love Scrabble.


Gig said...

You are too funny!! Yes Ed got your card, he really liked it, says to tell Cecil hey! Thank you for the note...

Have not killed my mother yet...but she is back in the hospital. It has been a long 36 hrs. Hopefully things will be better soon. I am ready for a really big Lemon Drop,LOL.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.


Karen ^..^ said...

I'm glad the hubs is doing well, and I definitely feel for you on being in the caregiver role. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I had to watch my (then)husband's 95 year old grandmother, and it was not easy, as she was deaf, and relied on her (placebo)pills to get her through the day. she was a mean one though, LOL, and I quite literally still have scars on my arm from one attack. I'm glad your mom is settling in and doing well. My hat is off to you, hope it continues to go well. Take care!

Joyful Jo said...

glad to hear Ed is doing well after surgery.
Don't forget to take some time out for your self as being the caregiver can become tiring with two people to look after.
Puzzles i like that are addictive are Tetris type ones.
see you soon

kylie said...

hi gig,
i dont know chuzzle but i once got totally addicted to bejewelled. actually, i'm still addicted if i'm silly enough to start!!

take care & God Bless

Cece said...

Hi Giggie,
I just wanted to check in with you and see how well you were treading the waters. I know they are rough, but hang in there. The liferaft will arrive soon. It has too or you will drown. Love ya,

P.S. Tell Mr. Big that Cecile says hi.

Gig said...

Karen, Jo, Kylie and Cece,
Thanks for stopping by...

I am hanging in there, one day at a time right now,LOL. Ed is doing a little better, changed his big "pillow" for a "brace, sling" for the next 5 weeks. Sure miss him being the dishwasher and driver..."pouts"

My Mom has been moved from the hospital to the Rehab/Nursing Home attached to the hospital. Hopefully she will stay for several weeks for some rehab to build up her strength, so I can get her back here.

Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts sent our way!!

Debbie and Ed

Suzanne said...

I'm late. But I'm wearing a bra, just turned the dishwasher on, and am washing my 4th load of laundry. Does that count?

Hi honey!!! I was going to call last weekend, but didn't get around to it. Sorry. You know I'm thinking about you and the "gang." Hope Mom's feeling a bit better and hope Mr. Big can drive you to school soon (you spoiled little baby). Don't worry, before you and Mr. Big realize he'll be able back to know, catchin' fish and killin' deer. But for right now, I know all my animal friends are safe. I can sleep at night.

Love you dear. Hang in there.

Love to all,

P.S. I'd click on the link to that game but I know I'd be hooked, so won't. Nice try. XO

Suzanne said...

Oh, forgot. I tagged you. Come to my blog for the big reveal. You don't have to participate if you don't have time. Trust me, I'll understand!


Joyful Jo said...

I reaslly like your blog. Would you mind if I follow your blog?

Joyful Jo said...

oh what i meant to say was that I really like your blog.

Gig said...

Hi Suze,
I will try to do the meme real soon...I will be over to see you soon.

xoxo, gig

Gig said...

Hi Jo,
Always great to see you!! How are Helen and Mark? Tell them hello for me. It has been pretty crazy around here...LOL.

I would be thrilled to have you follow my blog. I will try to get by to visit you real soon.

xoxo, Gig

Cece said...

I was just checking in on you. Give Ed my love. Hope mom is doing ok. Love ya, Cece

Cece said...

I gave you an award. LOVE YOU!!!!

Cece said...


Suzanne said...

Just checking in before I leave to see if you're okay. I do have to take a leave. I'm overwhelmed with all there is to do at the "Estate" and can't blog at the same time and get it all done.

I love you dear. Hope Mr. Big is okay. Hope Mom is adjusting and hope the hell you're surviving. Huge hug.

Love you.