October 18, 2008

Colors of Fall

I really love to watch the seasons
change here in Michigan.
But, I think that Fall is my favorite,
the colors are just beautiful right now.
This is one of the trees in our front yard.
It is still turning colors, there are only a few green leaves left.
This is another tree in our yard so pretty to look at as it changes to its "fall colors". The nights have been pretty chilly...we even have had a couple of"frosty" nights!! But the days have still been pretty warm.

The grand kids are all planning for Halloween...to be
spooky, or not...
I think the candy is what they really are looking forward to.

Mr. Big has gone bow hunting with his brothers, so I am
going to try and have some "quiet time" by myself...I hope

Been sorta lazy today, but did make 2 pies
for a charity auction, hope they go for
lotsa of money!

Here is another beautiful Fall
picture from Michigan

This is Summit Peak in the
Porcupine Mts in the Upper Pennisula.

Lotsa love,


just bob said...

Aha... fall back east. Well, Michigan is east of California. Thanks for the pics... just another thing to make me homesick!

just bob

Gig said...

Now, I did not mean to make you homesick...just wait till I post pics of the SNOW!! You will be happy to not be East of California,lol.

Always glad to see ya here Bob, keep up the good job over at your place, great posts!!

I am getting ready for Nov. 4th, I am an "election inspector", I do believe it is going to very busy...it is always very interesting to listen to the voters as they come through the building.

Are you watching SNL tonight?

just bob said...

Gig... it's only 8:30 out here on the west coast. When I get home from work I'll probably catch some of it. Otherwise I'll watch whatever skits they post online.


ggggggrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaat pic! love the fall color changes... unfortunately our color changes happen in the begining of summer... from green to brown. then brown it stays until the beginning of winter, then everything goes bare.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gig,

I just had to comment and say how wonderful the photos are. Autumn is possibly my favourite season and the colours are just amazing. Shame I missed the change of the colours in Moscow- after my holiday, most of the leaves had fallen - not good!

Take care,

Kookaburra said...

Those are beautiful Autumn colours.
It is Spring here and the elm trees are back in full leaf. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Cheers and beers,
p.s. I checked out the Porkies web site. Impressive.

Leah said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Hope everyone's good at your end.


kylie said...

autumn colours are beautiful aren't they?
and i love it when i get to put on some real cosy winter clothes for the first time of the season

have a great weekend

Cece said...

Beautiful, I love fall too. I almost called you tonight, but it was almost 10 my time, so I decided not to. Hope you have a great week. Talk to you soon.

Gig said...

I.V., Glad you liked the pics...it was beautiful while it lasted. Today we had hail, sleet and tomorrow snow. I think we are moving on to the next season. Winter...cold, blowing snow...get my drift? LOL!!


Gig said...

Hi Peter,
Sorry you missed the colors in Russia. I enjoyed your pictures with your Dad. I hope you are now safely back in your homeland.

Take care,

xoxo, Gig

Gig said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you checked out the site on the Porkies. I have been there and hiked up to the Lake of the Clouds...it was absolutely beautiful. That was many years ago, in my younger days, lol.

Will be thinking of you, and sending good vibes while you are in the hospital.

Take care good friend,


Gig said...

I could look at Autumn pictures all day long, the colors are amazing.

We are all doing fine here, kids are all counting the days until Halloween!!

Tell Sarge and Hedgie hello!!


Gig said...

Hi Kylie,
I'm glad I took the pics, cuz the color is fading fast.

Today I got out my winter coat and made sure I knew where my boots were...snow is in the air!!

Hope your week is going good!!


Gig said...

Hey Cece,
As you can see, I am still up, so it would have been ok to call.

I hope your weekend was good and that your week is great.

I will try to call one night this week.


Suzanne said...

Hi baby! Well, I'm anwering you FIRST and you know why? Because I know how lonely you get without me!!! However, I don't see my name on your "Favorites" list yet, so that's strike one (aka I'll only be here for one minute if I can type that fast/think that fast!).

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fall. I love it. Like Bob, IV and Leah, I think it's something that never leaves my east coast heart. Thanks for the beautiful photos of your trees and yard. I especially liked the bird feeder and bath! You're a sweetie.

I love you darling and hope you did well with your pies. Oh, and just so you know, when I got to the "hubby is bow hunting..." I covered my ears and eyes and started chanting "La-la-la-la-la-la-la..." and skipped to the next paragraph. Did I miss anything?

See you at the Cafe darling.


P.S. Hope all is well and good luck on the 4th!!! I think you should place "I Voted" stickers all over your body, wear a silly hat and then take a photo. ;) And yes, greet voters with pride!!! Seriously! I LOVE VOTING and love the people who "Election Inspect!" We always have a good laugh. I hope the turn out is insane and hope you have the time of your life. This is a very special election. Perhaps you should bake and serve some pies. :) XO

Gig said...

I am so glad to see you here, I have been worried, I went and read your new post...OMG what a week, I don't know how you do it, you are amazing!!

I am trying to figure out what the "favorites list" is? You are on my Blog list, honey. Are you referring to the "Followers"?

You always have been #1 Blottie!!
Yes, I am sucking up!! And laughing, I learned from the best!!
I will be back later to comment on your post.
Mr. Hunter did not see any deer, so they are all safe in the woods.

love ya,
gig, xoxoxo

Gig said...

In regards to reading your "new post"...when I linked to it from my blog it sent me to Oct. 18th, weird I know, so that is why I said that you had a hell of a week. I know that is one long sentence, but oh well, I am far from perfect today...or any day.

Anyway, I am glad you were here, I will try to get over to the Onion and join everyone in thinking of a slogan for our "cool place" to hang out!


bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Beautiful pictures..
Happy halloween to you and family..
love and ((hugs))

Kookaburra said...

Hello Gig,
Just stopping by for a visit. Have a lovely weekend, dear.

Cheers and beers,
k xo

Leah said...

Hi Gig! How are you sweetie?

Cece said...

We all miss you. Are you ever going to post again? Give me a call sometime when your life isn't as crazy as hell. Oh wait, maybe you should call me whenever you get a chance, because if your life is anything like mine, and I know that it is, it is always crazy as hell.