September 15, 2008

Labor Day Camping

Well....I thought it was time to get off that Bridge!! I did not get to walk this year, boo hoo, but there is next year. I thought I would bring ya'll up to date to what has been happening around here the last few weeks.

When my plans fell through to go North for Labor Day weekend, Mr. Big decided we would go camping over at one of his brothers place. Soooo... we packed up our travel trailer and 3 GRANDKIDS and off we went. I will tell you a secret, this was not MY idea of FUN!!
Here are 3 Bored Gkids playing with the playdough I had to go get to try and entertain them with...along with lots of snacks!!

We took their bikes, but there are some really steep hills and Logan was wiped out after many trips on the is Emily walking her bike up the hill.

Tried to get Jen to smile, but she was being shy.
Just had to share this...the Potty!!! For everyone else...not me though, cuz I am special...
My home away from home, with my very own indoor bathroom!!
The kids did have a great time, lots of dirt, good food, campfire with s'mores. Getting to know Mr. Big's brothers and their wives. I tried to runaway by finding any excuse to go to any town with a store that I had not been to in awhile!! Remember this was Grandpa Ed's idea.
Don't get me wrong I love my gkids, but I am with them everyday of the week and wanted some down time. Oh by the way, did I say we did this little adventure in 24 HOURS!!! Yep, we left on Sunday morning and were back Monday by 4:oo p.m.
We all survived, they started school the next day, I slept in till 6:30 a.m. and now we are back to doing homework, going to football games, all the fun stuff that comes with School!!
Stay tuned for last weekends adventure...let's just say it was Adults only...
Lotsa love,


just bob said...

FYI... vodka solves a lot of problems.

just bob

Gig said...

Abosolute, Stoli's, Grey Goose...anyone of these will do.

Also a shot of Crown Royal on the rocks will hit the spot too.

Hope K.C. is treating you good!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gig,
lovely to have you back! The mini-trip looks like quite an adventure and very tiring! Glad you all survived..
Can't wait for the adults only instalment!

take care,

Suzanne said...

I'm looking for some simplicity. I'll take that camper!!! No, seriously. I'm so tired of cleaning this freakin' house. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...that looks like just my size. I'll need a 4X4 to haul that thing, won't I? What a beautiful life. Have you ever considered adopting me, T-Bone and 10 kitties?!

God Gig, to have you back means the world. You're just a breath of fresh air. Always. You know I love you to bits. Thanks for sharing your trip with the gkids. Perfection. You're a great gmother. Oh and lay off the booze woman!

Meet me at the Cafe. I'll be the one on the sofa with a drink for you in my hand!



aaaahhhhhh.... camping, you lucky dog!

kylie said...

ahhhh, to be camping, it could only be bettered by an adults only weekend :)
hopin you're all good

Gig said...

Hey Peter,
Thanks for stopping by. The kids did enjoy the mini-trip, especially since they started school on Tuesday.
Hope your trip is going great for you!1


Gig said...

I love camping, just not on such short and T-Bone and kitties are always welcome to join us!! Rob too!! It's fun to have a big group.

I can help with "Happy Hour"!!

Ok, I will meet you over at the Onion, but only for just one drink, then I have work to do...

Love ya,
xoxo, Gig

Gig said...

Good to see ya I.V., hope your weekend is awesome!! Camping is great, actually I am sorta camping this to posted soon...

First have to post on the last "Party"!!

Gig said...

I am hanging in there Kylie, day at a time...thanks for asking.

Got away this weekend, but first I will post the last "Adult" evening!!


Kookaburra said...
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Kookaburra said...

Sorry,I deleted the previous comment because of a spelling mistake.
Long time no see.
I just popped to say hello ...
Your day with the g'kids was ...interesting.


Kookaburra said...

Enjoyed the photos of the Mighty Mac Bridge. Particularly the pic of the Opening Ceremony.


Cece said...

I got drunk on Rum and some kind of fruit mixture Friday night. FUn, Fun Fun. Then I had to help my husband carry "Crazy Neighbor" home. She passed out in our hallway. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy task, plus, I was laughing my ass off at her because, I was drunk and everything was funny. After I dropped her into the yard, my husband came out and slung her over his shoulder and carried her home. It was then my job to get her into her bedroom. Where I managed to drop her again. She has a huge bruise on her shoulder where she smacked the door frame. We finally managed to get her into her bed, and then we had to figure out how to get out of the house and get the doors locked. So we left her a note, and locked her doors and took her keys home with us. It was a fun night, and the shocker is that I didn't wake up with a hang over on Saturday!

Unknown said...

LOL! This is was a fun post Gig! Thanks for being so sweet on my last post it meant the world to me!


*laughing at cecile laughing at herself*

ceciles story is funny too!!!

Cece said...

Hi Gig