September 26, 2008

The Bride and Friends

"The Bride"

On Sept. 6th, one of the young women that I work
with, got married. I did not attend the wedding, but all
of us were in attendance at the reception. Let's just say
a good time was had by all.

"The Cakes"

Not only were the Cakes Beautiful, they were
Delicious....Chocolate....more Chocolate...yum mm!!!

"The Friends"

I am blessed to work with a great group of Women!!
We all love to have a "Good Time"

"Girls just wanta have fun"How about a little Macarena?"We want you!!"

I have a new "adopted daughter"

We all had a great time celebrating
our friends Wedding reception,
lots of good food, music, friends
oh yeh, don't let me forget the booze!!
I even had a couple of shots!!
I was nice and did not post any pictures that
were not "flattering" to my co-workers!!
Remember, that not only do I work with them...they
are the ones that also do my Hair!! I had to be nice!

Lotsa love,



I am slowly trying to catch up with the activities of the last few weeks,
so stay tuned for the next is a hint of what is in it...
one has to cross this to get to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


just bob said...

Looks like a hoppin' party. I hope you had as much fun as it appears it was!

Gig said...

just bob,
I was just at the Onion looking for you!! Blottie one and I were looking for some good company and something hot to drink!!

The party was a lot of fun, and I did have a great time. This is one of the best group of people to work with. I am very lucky!!
Women working together can be horrible sometimes...but this group is pretty cool...and they do like to relax and party!!

Suzanne said...

Okay, my new name before I retire, Bottie One! Yes, I'm actually considering retiring after reading an IV post about PETA. I was already considering it before, but that just sort of cemented the deal, so I'm spending the night blogging in an attempt to figure out what to do. I'm also drinking a nice chardonnay. Oh, I also have insomnia!!! That could be the kicker.

You and your friends are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can someone please style my hair. What would you guys do? I'd like to keep the length, but have more body. I've finally accepted the color, so won't need that.

Can you please also explain something to me. We were invited to a Jewish wedding a number of years ago. We were a select few. But the reception was HUGE!!! HUGE I tell you, HUGE. Also an Italian wedding. Small wedding ceremony and again a HUGE, HUGE reception. Why? Aren't the people invited to the reception only resentful? I'd be!!! Why aren't they invited to the wedding ceremony too? I don't get. Is a a money thing?

Gig said...

So good to see ya here Blottie One!! YOU ARE NOT RETIRING!! Not yet anyway, I know I am being bossy, but, it is my perogative. I guess I can be bossy here on my blog, right? I will have to go over to see the post on I.V.'s on PETA. I know you really have your hands full right now. I read about it over at Kylie's. It helped to know that right now you are really overwhelmed, but it does good to have this outlet to let off steam...
I'm sorry that I have not been around as much in my commenting, but I have got a lot of things accomplished here in the house that needed to be done. Whew...boy I am long winded today!!

Thanks for the compliment on everyone being beautiful. I truely (sp) am lucky to work with this group. Of course there are a few ups and downs now and then, but not often. The owner of the Salon has just sold it to one of the Stylists. The new owner has been with the previous owner 19 yrs, so it should be an easy transition. There will be a few changes but all for the good.
The pictures were missing 3 other stylists that work there, but 1 had already left and 1 was out of town and the other was really partying and I couldn't find her to join the picture.
We would need you to come to Michigan, and we would love to pamper and spoil you with a Day at the Spa. So whenver you are ready, let me know.

Ok, on to the Wedding question...I really don't know why, except I think sometimes it does have to do with money. This weeding was held outside, I was invited but had many things going on that day, so opted not to go. In fact none of our Husbands went, so it was a girls night out.

Ok, I have been way to long-winded here, so I must go get busy around the house. YUK!!

xoxo, me

Cece said...

You are such a tease. The wedding reception looked like a blast. I am so glad you had a great time. Talk to ya soon.

Kookaburra said...

My my, quite the party gal.

Have a good week.


Gig said...

I love to tease!! I did have a great time, was nice to get out with the "girls" and have lots of laughs!!

Hope to talk to you real soon,

love ya,

Gig said...

Actually, I am nore the mother hen...several of us tend to watch over the ones who "really party"...that way I don't have the pain the next day.

Doesn't mean I don't party though!!

Have a beer for me,

Suzanne said...

Thank God you were long winded. I needed it. I'm here to get your URL to reinstate my blog list, but really must stop and chat after that!!! Hi honey!!! I love you and thanks. I'm stugglin' baby. Ugh. Just have too damn much on my plate and don't know how to navigate. When Dr. P instructed me to relax and take it easy, my life suddenly became 10 times more complicated and stressful. It feels insane at times, but I'm still upright, not talking to myself too much, can still fix my hair properly, bath regularly, drink often, keep the house clean, do laundry, attend to a wee bit of yard word and continue to have hope. What the hell happened to this thing I call my life? The stock market has all but killed my reirement account. Washington Mutual (holds my mortgage) went belly up and Wichovia (holds my Home Equity Line of Credit) went belly up) and it looks like Wells Fargo is in jeapordy (checking and savings)! Hey. What a brilliant year. If I end up sitting on a curb begging for change I'm going to be really, really pissed. This is all to freakin' awful. But I still have credit!!! Hey!! Can I buy you a drink?!

I love you baby and I know you've been though a lot lately too. I'm so glad to see you back. And the wedding was beautiful. I'll be honest. I could eat the little chocolate cake myself! Yummy. And your explanation of being invited to the wedding v reception, very interesting. I'm going to mull that around.

Okay, it's official, I'm going to send you photos of my hair and really do want suggestions. I need to be styled. I think I want to keep the length, but want an elegant cut. Tell me what you think and I'll suggest it to my stylist. Do you think I should get rid of some of the length? Be honest.

I love you Giggie. Thanks for the comment and your love. You're the best. Hope all is well in Gigsville. *Takes Gig's head in hands and plants kisses every where!*


Cece said...

Just stopping by to say Hi. I hope you are having a great week. Mine is not so great, but I see the end in sight. I'm tired, so it is off to bed for me. Night.

Leah said...

Hi Gig! the wedding, and your group of gals, look wonderfully fun, and I also had a good time reading through the interesting comments section here!


kylie said...

hi gig,
it's a long time since i've been to a wedding, probably my brother's which was 4 years ago. it would be nice to go to another one.
it's great that you all have such a good time
have a wonderful weekend

Suzanne said...

The peeps aren't up yet, so I have some time to screw around. Hey you! What cha doin' in Michigan? I feel as if I have to be really careful now not to sound like Sarah Palin. I'm going to have to straighten my a** out and start spelling properly. Ugh.

Have a beautiful Tuesday. It is Tuesday. Right?



right on!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gig,

Looks like the party rocked!

Thanks for supporting me with your comment - it's was really appreciated.

Take care, and rock on baby!

Peter x

Kookaburra said...

Hello Gig,

It is Sunday morning Down Under and I am currently watching the Bathurst 1000. Are you watching also?
Have a good weekend.

Cheers and beers,
Mark. xoxo

Queen Goob said...

I didn't see you in the group of Macarenians....

Looks like everyone had one heck of a time!

p.s. I REALLY hate big bridges.

Suzanne said...

Well, you can still style my hair minus 6-7 inches. I had such an awful headache the other day my hair felt too heavy. I went in the bathroom, parted it in the back, brought it around to each shoulder then hacked it off as evenly as possible. Yup, looks nasty, but feels terrific! I'm going to have to get it fixed soon!

Hope everything's okay. Talk to you soon.


Cece said...

Hey Giggie,
I've been missing ya. Hope you're out having fun tonight. Talk to you soon.