August 27, 2008

Mackinac Bridge

The Mighty Mac is 51 yrs old, this picture is

from the Opening Ceremony in 1957.

I walked the Mighty Mac Bridge last year on its 50th anniversary. It was a

great experience. I do not like heights, but it did not bother me. Here I am with

my BF Karen, stopping for a short photo break.
We started with eight, but one left us behind...Here we are at the Finish line, getting our Offical Certificates!!! Now we had

to walk another "few miles" to the ferry that would take us to Mackinaw Island

for lunch and then another ferry ride to St. Ignace.

Then a shuttle back to the campground...then a NAP.

I hope to walk the Mackinac Bridge again this year on Sept. 1st.

Go here to read all about this years Walk.

Lot's of love,



I still am going to take a break from posting,
but will try and check in as much as I can.


Leah said...

That bridge is really majestic. What a span, and that looks like a gorgeous walk.

Gig said...

Hi Leah!!
I still get goosebumps when I see "the bridge"!! It is 5 miles long. I have crossed it in all kinds of weather, even a blizzard, that was scary...but I love it!
I don't like heights,so I thought I would be afraid when walking last year, but it was so beautiful, didn't even think of being afraid of heights.

Not sure yet if it will work out this year, if I do, I will post new pics.

Thanks for stopping by, say Hi to Sarge and Hedgie

xo, Gig


whats happening!!! nice new post... looks like a great day too!

Cece said...

I love Mackinac Bridge. It is georgous. I have got to get my husband and kids up there next summer. I have been away from the UP for way to long. Oh and BTW, Forrest was very pleased with his chili. He was upset with me, though. I stayed gone for too long. Nathan told me he was worried about me. But he said Daddy told him I was O.K.

Gig said...

Good to see you, just getting ready to relax for the weekend, maybe walk across that "bridge"!!

Approx. 50,000 people are expected to walk across... beautiful views!!

Gig said...

It would be awesome if you got to make it up here next summer, we could visit the "fresh water" beach!!

I'm sorry the boys were worried about you, but great that Dad let them know you were ok.

I'm hungry, got any chili, no beans,lol?

Suzanne said...

Hey you!!! Great post and great walk. Love the photos beautiful. Nice hair cut!!! Who gave it to you? Let me near that scalp and I'll show you what to do with scissors.

God, wish I could come to Michigan with Cece and family. What fun we'd all have. Maybe someday.

Love you dear and holding the disco ball in your honor. Wow, Jorge just showed up. Either he want it or me!


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Gig,
Thanks for visiting my place.
Mark and i have just come in from weeding the front garden.
Helen has gone to visit Jason her latest boyfriend.
Yes, time has flown by for Helen who the next thing will be finishing high school and hopefully off to university. Helen has 2 more years of high school. Next year she will be in year eleven.
Good luck with the walk. Keep us posted.

kylie said...

it's a stunning bridge, deb. i hope you enjoy the walk.
i did read the post you seem to have deleted, i hope you go well in your quest to make time for yourself, figure out your purpose, process stuff.......

i dont know if you read maithri's blog, the soaring impulse but he has a goodbye that seems appropriate and i'm gonna steal it:

soft love

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's certainly an amazing structure! And to walk over it must feel great! I wonder if I could get there one day...?

I remember walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I just loved it. I was on my own, but I think that just made it all the more special.
Take care!!
Peter x

Unknown said...

Oh that is so great gig! Congrats on that! That would be really fun to walk the Golden Gate again!

Suzanne said...

Hey you wild and wacky chick. Just checkin' in to see if you're still breathin'!!! When you have some time, step on over to the Wild Onion and I'll buy. Don't drink the expensive stuff just because. I know you're game!

Hope all is well. Miss you so.


Suzanne said...


It's Zack's birthday at the Wild Onion. When you get off that damn bridge, stop by.


Suzanne said...

I miss you.

Suzanne said...

Oh, and I need a trim!

Cece said...

When are you coming back?

Anonymous said...

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