August 15, 2008

It's Friday, it's a Full Moon...

I knew the day was not going to be the best
of this week when my first client was was a no show, my second client
did make her appointment but the next one didn't show up.What is
going on here? First, I do worry about my clients, they
are part of my extended family and it is unusual
for someone to not make their appointment. Sooo, maybe
it is a fluke, but oh no, a third person does not show
up. This one was not one of mine, but was a client of
a co-worker who had an emergency come up and I
was helping her out. But still, I had turned down other
people wanting to get their hair done. I kept hoping
things would be better when I left work and headed
home. Truthfully, I was just hoping that Mr. Big had
made dinner and cleaned the house, oh, yea, well
maybe 1 out of 2 would be good...

Made a couple of stops on the way home, no problems.
Arrived home, dinner was made,yippee, Goulash and salad.
No complaints on my part...remember I said 1 out of 2 would be ok!!

Now it is time to take one granddaughter home and
bring back 3, plus the 1 that is still here.
Their Dad has Kidney dialysis tomorrow so figured
I could have them to sleep at a decent hour and then
some quiet time for me, but.....

The rest of the story...........

On the way to their house it was getting dark
and the sky was clear and what did I see but a

It hit me as to why everything was so crazy!
Everything goes crazy when it is a FULL MOON!

You know....more crazy things happen when there
is a Full Moon, babies are likely to be born, accidents
will happen...even crazy people are referred to as lunatics.

It is now 12:15 a.m. Aug.16th, and there is big fat FULL MOON!!
I still have 4 grouchy grandchildren AWAKE and
I have become a LUNATIC!!!

Sooo, you all out there tell me about your Full Moon happenings

See ya real soon on the other side...

Good thoughts to all,



Anonymous said...

Hi Gig!

Ooo, a full moon turned you into a lunatic?? I'm not sure that strange things happen to me when there's a full moon, because strange things happen every day!! The moon in Russia has been particularly beautiful the last few days - I wanted to get a photo of it, but my zoom isn't very strong and it looked rubbish :-(


Cece said...

I think Nathan was feeling the effects of the full moon last night. i thought that he was still asleep, so I sat down at the kitchen table this morning to get their school supplies all packed up and to put their names on everything. Forrest was playing quietly in their bedroom. I realized that Forrest's green notebook was at the other end of the table, so instead of getting up and getting it myself, I yelled for Forrest to come here. He came and I asked him to get his green folder for me. He did and then he went back to the room to play. Soon afterwards I heard Nathan hollar and throwing a major fit. I told Forrest to leave him alone and let him sleep. But Forrest was standing in the Kitchen and he told me he didn't do anything. Again, Nathan started yelling and throwing stuff around in his room. I walked to the doorway of the room and asked him what was wrong. He got up and slammed the door in my face. This did not make me very happy, so I opened the door and not very nicely asked him what his problem was. He was upset with me because I didn't call for him to help me. I explained to him that it was Forrest's folder that I needed, so I asked Forrest to get it for me, but he continued topout and act quite ugly. So I told him to get in his bed, and not to get out until he could be nice to people. I told Forrest to grab any toys he wanted to play with and take them to a different room, then I locked the bedroom door and shut it. Nathan stayed in there well over an hour. And though he was a little nicer when he came out, he has still been a royal brat all day long. I guess it was just his day. It will be Forrest's day tomorrow.

Suzanne said...

I woke up in the middle of the night to a room in full light. I sat up and looked at the most beaututiful moon I've ever seen. I sat a long time. Thought about life alot. I finally had to go back to sleep, but not until I blew her a kiss.


ahhhh... full moon frolicking!!!

leahsimone said...

You're right about the full moon. It lit up the night here like a silvery sun! And it does make people a tad wacky!!!


Suzanne said...

Yeah, last Friday. It's Wednesday, Cupcake Party at the Wild Onion for Jo's birthday. March your fancy pants on over and make a royal impression.


Kookaburra said...

Hello Gig,

It is really amazing how things seem to go awry during a full monon.