August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Blottie!!!

Because today's so special Suze, it really

wouldn't do, to send one simple birthday

wish to last the whole year through...So

this wishes happy moments, a day when

dreams come true, and a year that's filled

with all the things that mean the most to you.

Hope you have had a great day!!

I am so glad that you are a part of my life...

From the beginning over on 1pic's blog, I knew

you were special. This year is moving pretty

quick, so let's sit back and you

over at The Onion and we will sit on the

Macy Sofa and watch the disco ball go round

and round.

Love you my dear friend.


just bob said...

Good stuff... join the party!!!

Suzanne said...

I love you my dear friend. What a beautiful post. Thank you. I agree, this year has gone fast, way too fast, but we've shared it together. All the ups and downs and all arounds, we've been here for one another and I don't ever see that changing. We're so lucky to all have one another. I love 1Pic for bringing us together. Who could have imagined we'd all be sitting here almost a year later. I'm grateful.

All of you made my birthday so very, very special and I'll never forget it. Never. And this post is just icing on the cake. I love you to death, you know that. Thank you sweetie. Let's both have a wonderful year and if I could I'd reach right through this thing and give you the biggest hug possible. One day we'll all meet for the family picnic and we'll have a blast once we stop huggin' and kissin' on one another!!!

I love you so much and thank you for making my life matter. Hope you and hubby are having a beautiful day!

Suze ;)

Suzanne said...

Just Bob,


Unknown said...

Gig! Is your computer fixed yet?! Gosh I hope so! I have missed you!
Thanks for stoppig by you know I love seeing you there!

Gig said...

Hey Robyn!!
My computer is fixed, except for the sound, but at least now I can download all the pics on my camera and maybe put up a new post soon.
I am not home right now, am at my Mom's, about 2 hrs south of my place. Headed back home tomorrow night.
Good to see you here, loved your "pretty eyes"!!

Let's go harass Suze, ha, ha!!

love ya, Gig


so.... computer fixed????

Cece said...

Hey, I'm about to call you. I got to get the boys on the Jurrasic Fight club website and then I will be all set.

Cece said...

I got my new one up. Where's yours?

Kookaburra said...

G'day Gig :)

Here's hoping your computer woes are behind you and that you have a terrific weekend.