July 3, 2008

Looking for some Fun!!

Ok, let's try and have some fun...yeh...I am trying to get out of my funky mood. Therefore I won't tell you that my house has been invaded by FOUR 14 yr olds AGAIN, and a 10, 7, 5, and 3 yr old. The 12 yr old went to her sisters place. Plus the parents and Mr. Big are here. It really is comical and crazy, lotsa noise and dirty dishes...which means lotsa food!!!

I think they all need to go to the Beach tomorrow!! Rain or Shine!! Whatdaya think?

Cuz, I am going to run away to some place that is quiet...oh yea, I did that on Sunday and Monday night when Mr. Big went to his brothers' house to watch his children, ha, ha !! I hid out in our room, it was great!! My own T.V. with remote, no children allowed in my room, my computer...the whole bed to myself...get the picture... solitude...

We are trying to finalize our plans for the 4th!!
Fireworks, friends and family!! How about
everyone else, what are your plans?


Lotsa love to everyone



Cece said...

I'm working. But we will probably shoot off some fireworks and watch the others from the neighborhood, although it sounds like several have already started tonight.

Queen Goob said...

I think you're right - everyone to the beach!

I'm spending the 4th the way you want to; by myself. Well, except for the dog but that's cool because he's whimp and will need to hid from the firewords tonight.

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Happy July 4th!
we had a good rain last night....
Serene's programme is the main event as all other days....
am so tied and sleepy all the time but when i try to sleep she will start jumping in the bed and climbing in and out..
hope you will get some rest..
have a beautiful day.
♥ & ((hugs))

Kookaburra said...

G'day Debbie,

Although it might be chaotic have a Happy Indepence Day.

Love from this mob downunder.
Mark xx

kylie said...

well, it's the %th in sydney so i'm too late to wish you a good one but i hope it was fun.
i remember fireworks on "cracker night" (queens birthday weekend) but its many years since they were banned here so my kids dont know the joys of DIY fireworks....
have a good weekend

kylie said...

that is the 5th

Suzanne said...

Hell, not only is it the 5th, Kookoo need's to learn how to spell independence. Jezzzzzzzzz.

I have something very special on my blog, and it's from you. So please take a peek.

Honey, what am I going to do with my hair. After seeing Cece's hair cut I'm considering chopping it all off. What do you think? You're the expert.

"Hi everybody!"


Kookaburra said...

Taking a break from watching "Two and a Half Men" to say g'day.

Cece said...

Get that computer fixed yet?
I have waited till 11 o'clock for you to call me so I could sing to you, but I think I'll have to go to bed now. So good night sweet heart.

Gig said...

I have worked for 4 hrs and thought I had made progress, but seems I am back to square one,damn. Popups are killing me. keep knocking me off and erasing everything I do!!
I will call tomorrow night and try and catch you. It was great to talk...good night sweetheart back at cha!

kylie said...

well, you must be having a lot of fun or none at all judging by your absence from blogland.
have a terrific weekend

CSI Seattle said...

Just running through Blog land with no shoes on. Had to stop in and say hello.

I hope that you are well.


Suzanne said...

Well, I'm with Brian, but wearing flip flops. LOVE you. You make me laugh so much. I'm at the slops machine. Stop by. Hope all is well.


Gig said...

Sorry to be so long in getting back to all my wonderful blogging friends.

@Cece, I know you are on the road, be safe, am thinking of you and praying. love you

@qeen goob, great to see you here, stop be anytime. Hope everthing is good around your place.

I was glad to hear from you, it was just really busy at that time, I hope you are feeling better. Give Serene hugs and kisses for me. Is she still climbing the Mango tree?

@Kookie Bear,
Just how is the mob downunder doing these days? I love learning all this new slang, start something new here, maybe.

Happy July to you,lol. Are you surviving the kids hols? Kids here are still out of school till Sept. Ugh...

Your flowers that Robyn sent were just beautiful, what a great present. You deserve it!!
Never let someone "chop" your hair! Chopping is for veggies!!
I think your hair is beautiful just as it is.

@kookie bear,
I love two and half men!!

Fun? Is there such a thing...oh, let me think...oh, not today, but maybe tomorrow. Just kidding, computer is not working right and it is driving me crazy. Hope to have it back to normal real soon.

I am still fighting with the computer, so I didn't get to hear you sing, soon I hope.

Glad to see you are out running through blogland, being barefoot, be careful not to trip and stub a toe. I am hanging in there, thanks for asking.

I love flip flops!! I must have missed you at the "slops", I didn't have any luck, maybe later.
love ya, blottie!!

Unknown said...

Come by and say hello and see me! I have posted some pics! Did something very new to me...eeekkk! Had some fun but thought I would give it a try!

P.S. How have you been doll!

kylie said...

hi gig,
thanks for telling me about cecile, i probably wouldnt have read new comments there for a couple of days.
blessings on you and yours

Kookaburra said...

Ahaaa!! Thanks Gig! I have found another two and a half men fan. I am so happy :) I was leaving hints all over Blogland and no one seemed to be picking up on that. Or so i thought. Thank you.

Isn't it a great show? Last week Charlie's dad, Martin was a guest on the show! Can you believe that? Wow.

I am busily updating my car and footy blogs and have created a blog roll for them. Please check them out if you can find a spare five minutes in your rather crowded life.

Unknown said...

GIG! Thanks so much girly and coming from a professional in the hair business that means the world to me! I have loved this cut since I got it!

Suzanne said...

Robyn, I love your hair too. It looks perfect. And Gig, just read you love mine. I won't cut it. I was walking through the market the other morning and got a tap on my shoulder "You hair is gorgeous." I had a good laugh when she said "Is that real?" Oh honey, trust me,it's real. What a hoot. This hair generates the best comments and I have no idea why. There are times I look at it and just want to die, but others when I laugh so hard I can't believe it's mine. It's such an odd thing to own. And what's so amazing is so many comments come from young people. A guy, all about the age of 25 said to me the other day "You have the most beautiful hair I've ever seen." I started to laugh and he said "No, really, I'm serious, it's beautiful." I replied "Honey, do you know how old I am?" He replied "Well, I don't really care about your age, I was just attracted by your hair." HEY WISE ASS, KNOCK IT OFF!!! And then I was walking out of Walmart about two weeks ago and I swear to God a guy followed me out and as I'm trying to navigate the bumps for the blind he says "You are so beautiful." I felt so honored, but I started to laugh because I had just come from feeding the ferals, was in sweat pant with holes all over, a shirt that was in need of mending and a bra that had lost it's elasticity, and should mention, hadn't taken a shower in two days. Wow...I'm good!

Should I try harder?


Cece said...

Is your computer still broken?

Suzanne said...

Apparently it is because she's missing all the good stuff at the Cafe. Giggie, where are you darlin'?