July 21, 2008

Broken Computer

For the last 2 weeks I have been trying to rid my computer of this very annoying rogue virus...to no avail. My good friend who has worked his magic has tried from afar...but still...I am without my friend, my partner, my buddy... I have uninstalled programs, installed new programs, but now I have given up!! Next week, on the 29th, I am going downstate to Flint and I will hopefully have my friend try to repair my laptop. *crying lots of tears*

In the meantime, I am using the grand kids computer which has been at my house. I have Internet, they did not. However...the "bossy" one will never let me use it, without an argument of course.!! They now have Internet, so guess what, it is going back to their house tomorrow. Of course, it is not only me that the "bossy" one won't share with. I decided let Mom and Dad make them share.

This is a busy week with all the Canoe Marathon activities going on.

Tomorrow is Kid's Day, Wednesday is the Hup Race, Thursday is the Business Challenge Relays, Friday is time trials and Saturday is the RACE!!

Plus a 2 day Craft Show, Car show, parade...and the list goes on. Hopefully I will take lots of pics and be able to post next week!!

I may not be "hunched over in a car in upstate N.Y. but I will be somewhere trying to keep up with all my blogging buddies to see what is happening!!!
Stay out of trouble...on second thought...go ahead, have a great time!!!

Did I mention that Saturday the 26th. is Mr. Big's Birthday? OH Yeh, I am the designated Driver!! Sounds like more fun for me!! Only problem with the driving, I have been driving since he injured his shoulder,lol.

Have a Great Week!!

Good thoughts to all!!

Love, Gig


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Gig,
Fancy me being the first to comment. I just got home from work, thought i'll check out everyones blog.
Hope you get your computer up and running soon. What a meanie your grandchild is not sharing the computer. We have enough trouble as it is getting Helen off it. When Mark asks when is she going to get off the reply is "you only had to ask and i would have got off" Grrr!!
best wishes,


Unknown said...

GiG! YOu are in my thoughts and that so sucks bad!
Hang in there!

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Have a great time with all those upcoming events..
Happy birthday to yur Hubby!!

here we have 3 computers in living room...my little one know how to turn on the laptop, which i use.. then she want to see barney on youtube all day long... :))
hope your computer will get fixed soon.
have a beautiful day Sweetie.
♥ & ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hi Gig!

Hope you get your computer woes sorted soon - I know what it feels like not to be able to get onto the net. Good luck with it all! And happy birthday to hubby!


Gig said...

I have survived the first day, but it took 4 shots of Crown Royal Whiskey and chase of coca cola...

Computer still broke,but I am home and there is complete silence...no children...no Mr. Big...just me and the kitties and dog...one kitty and dog belong to gkids.

Thanks for the good thoughts, I will pass on the birthday wishes to Ed.

I am going to go relax now, check in later!!

love you all, Gig

just bob said...

I hope things are going great on your vacation!

just bob

Kookaburra said...

Hello Gig,
I can empathise with your computer woes. Our home pc crashed a few weeks ago and we had to re -install everything again too.
Happy Birthday to your Hubby for next Saturday!
I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Cheers and beers,
ps. I have Posted about Round Seven of the V8's on my main blog.

Cece said...

Hey, thanks for the update. Hope to see you back in action again soon. I am trying to type, but Apollo keeps rooting his nose under my hand. He wants me to pet him, and he is being very demanding about it. And since he is as big as I am, I think I might ablige him. Give me a call if you can find the time this weekend. Talk to you soon. Cece

Cece said...

I'll be home this weekend. I only have to work Friday and then I will be off for 10 days. Nathan is feeling better, but Forrest is getting sick now. He threw up all over my bed this morning. Luckily, I had already left for work, so HB had to clean it up, but at least I have clean sheets to slip into. Well, I need to make the boys brush their teeth and get them to bed and find my bed myself. Check my blog out again, I just posted a new one right after you left the second time. It has pictures of the dogs. And it isn't depressing. How I mannaged a non depressing post, I'm not sure. I have such negative energy right now. But I'll get through it. I know.

kylie said...

hi gig,
computer problems are so frustrating arent they?
and when i want the computer i just pull rank! there has to be some advantage in being the mum
have a wonderful weekend !!

Suzanne said...

I looked to the right and saw all the awards I haven't collected. *Huge sigh*

Good luck with that computer thing honey. Next thing you know you will look like Leah hunched in the backseat of your car. Bootlegger. Hopefully without the whip and S&M novel under your arm. Good Lord that woman's gone looney on me! Skeeter's trying to get her to publish, I'm just going through the car wash hoping I can erase the image from my brain.

Lov you Gig. Honey, I still need an assistant. I wish Joyful Jo could be mine. We'd be equals and share the responsibility. Boss and Boss!!! If only I could get someone that responsible and kind. Jo! Girlie!!! Honey!!!! Thinkin' about movin' to the good ole US of A?! I have a wonderful plan for a partnership!!!


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mr. Biiiiiiiiiige

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gig!

I hope your sick computer gets better!

BTW: Be there or beware

Hope to see you!

Suzanne said...

You better be there or I'll kick your ass.

Leah said...

Hi Gig! I'm late to the post, and late to wish hubs happy birthday, but here I am anyway! Hope you had a great time with all your events!

Suzanne said...

God, I'm still canoeing. I'm wet, tired and I want to eat some birthday cake the twins made. Oh God...will I never get off this freakin' river? Goobie, as my new assistant you owe me one...throw me a life line. I know there's hope.

kylie said...

happy late birthday to mr big!
have a terrific weekend

Cece said...

Hey, are you ok?
Still no remedy for the sick computer? Perhaps it is time to break down and buy a new one? Life could not go on without a computer you know. You are hooked. It's like a drug. You NEED it. Talk to you soon.


Gig said...

Hello everyone,
I am working on a new post...it is a little more difficult, cuz all my pics I want to share are on my computer, ugh,so hang in there.

I am on a borrowed computer till next week, just got the word, my "baby" has been "devirused"!!
Will check in later...*running to Onion for a Strawberry WOPS with Absolute to celebrate*

Love you all,
Princess Gig

Bob said...

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