April 3, 2008

Be the Blog!!!

I have been blessed with receiving several
Awards and have been able to pass them on to
other Great Bloggers!! But I still wanted to
design my own. I figured why not, I have worked
in Graphic Design. I still do small projects, etc.
So, I thought I would do some research on designing a Blogging Award.
I googled creating a blog award and I came across
this website: Me and My Drum. This particular post had to do with
designing an Award for successful Bloggers. I decided this was exactly
what I was looking for at this time.

Mark had designed an Award called "Be the Blog"

The phrase "Be the Blog" refers to what a successful blogger does.
being successful means that a blogger has made
their blog their own, they stay with it, they are
interactive with their readers, and most importantly
they have FUN!!!

Everyday I sit down at the computer and am off to visit all my blogging friends around the world!! What a wonderful world it is...everyone is different, yet alike in many ways. I have learned so much from each and everyone! I have laughed and yes even cried when someone is hurting. This is because everyone puts their heart and soul into what they write...even if one does not post everyday.

I emailed Mark at Me and My Drum and received permission
to pass on this great Award!! He emailed back and said to pass it far and wide!!G
Go to Me and My Drum, type in "blogging awards" in his search box and it will take you to the page that will link with the Be the Blog post. This post has the code to copy and paste.

He has created five different "flavors" of badges which are shown below.

Therefore, I would like to award the Be the Blog Award to the following:

Suzanne, (yes, you are #1) Bindi, Cecile, Mark, Kylie, Robyn, Inner Voices, Shara and Joyful Jo

Please enjoy this sweet award and feel free to pass it far and wide to anyone that you feel is deserving of this award. Thanks for Being the Blog!!!

Creamy Cabernet

Be The Blog award

Midnight Oil

Be The Blog award

Pink Smoothie

Be The Blog award

Purple Passion (updated by request )

Be The Blog award

Blueberry Tart (updated by request 12/01/07)

A few of my favorite pictures

A beautiful view of The Mackinac Bridge!!

Just a little something I found on Michigan in Pictures,
hope everyone enjoys the Sun on the water and ice....

Have a Great Weekend

I will see everyone at the "Wild Onion"

Love and Hugs,



Suzanne said...

FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO APPRECIATES ME!!!! I'M #1!!! Thank you sweetie and thank you for being you. You are the best! I give this award to you too! So please post it.

When I was sick with the flu I didn't write much as you know, but I came up with my own award! I told Bindi about it, but have yet to give it away because I have three versions and don't know which I like best. I do now. I thought "Why can't I just design my own and give it away." Yup, that's how I think and so that's what I did and will do. It's sort of pretty and pink and I can hardly wait for it to show up on some of the guy's blogs! That's going to be too funny. I want it to go far and wide, so give it to everyone you know just to cheer them up.

Thanks for making my day and thanks especially for your friendship. I love you dear and having you in my life matters a great deal. I'll see you over at the Wild Onion. And get that flask out of the cushions. (No honey, I don't miss a beat.)

Biggest XO

P.S. I realize I'm not linked to you or Leah. I really have to pay more attention to the details.

P.P.S. I'll take this award as soon as I figure out how! Hey, I'm not Einstein.

kylie said...

g'day gig,
thanks for the award, i'm honoured to have it. well, i dont have it yet, but i will.
oh dear, i ramble everywhere i go these days.....
maybe you should make a "that's my excuse" award, i'd qualify for sure!
oh and ps: i loved the dog & duck story (forgive me for momentarily forgetting their names)
pets make some unlikely pairings, alright

kylie said...

when i started writing my comment you werent there and when it posted you were.it always amazes me when that happens. i had trouble with the award, too but i've got it now

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Thank you for the award!
wow! what a wonderful idea to creative very own award and pass it to all of us!
am blessed to have you in my life..
Have a beautiful weekend!
♥ & ((hugs))

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
please read 'create' not creative...
typos are part of life...excuse them :))
love you sweetie!

Kookaburra said...

ugvbdlDear Gig,

Thank you so very much for my award. I will get after i have been to church this morning.
BTW i have saved " Me and My Drum" in Favourites so i can check it out L8R.=(later)

Joyful Jo said...

Thanks for the lovely award. I haven't chosen one yet but i will soon.

Joyful Jo said...

I couldn't find Gig's story about the dog & duck.
Years ago my parents owned a Khaki Campbell pet duck named,Maggie. My parents got her as a yellow duckling when they were first married.
She was with my family for 28 years and outlived 4 dogs and 3 cats! She used to patrol the garden eating all the slugs and snails. Was also a very good "watchdog". Whenever anybody arrived at our house or went into to the backgarden she would quack and quack and quack to let us know someone was there. When we drove to our holiday house Maggie would be on the back seat of the car. People in cars couldn't believe it when they pulled up at traffic lights and they could see a duck!
Only 1 dog ever tried to attack her, he was one of the pups we kept when our dog had pups. He wasn't too bright and because he was the last of the litter nobody else wanted him so we kept him and called him, Sam. One day Sam had Maggie by her neck and had just started to swing her around when my father caught him and saved her. No other dog would try to attack her as she would see them off. Nor the cats either. In her final years she was blind but this did not stop her getting about. She slept in a box in the kitchen at night and when she was very old slept in my cubby house. Maggie started having problems with her neck and was going downhill in health. Because Maggie was so ill my Mother took her to the vet to be put to sleep and the vet said i've never before had to put a duck to sleep....

Gig said...

I do appreiciate you!!! Always!!!
I look forward to seeing the Award you created. I am still working on my own design...maybe sometime this summer.

Sorry about the flask,but I never said it was mine...hmmm...

I would be honored to be one of your links.

I am catching up on my comments right now so I can go over to the "Onion". I need to check the schedule for the week.

Also, it is a Sport day, NASCAR, Detroit Tigers, Detoit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings....can you tell I am from Michigan,LOL

Love you,

Gig said...

Glad to see you here, I will be "wandering soon" to say hi.
I am always "rambling", I will start one thing, go to a different room and start something else. Same with talking, so I understand completely!!

Great Idea and name for an Award!!
I will have to put into my brain,for later use,lol. We'll have to design one, I am always using these words, Well, "that's my excuse, what's yours".

Don't worry about not remembering the pets names. I only remember because of the duck's name AFLAC!
Here in the States there is an insurance co named AFLAC, and they have a commercial on tv with a duck who says "AFLAC", which is how the pet duck got its name.

Ok, I am going to finish commenting so I can go see what everyone else is doing...stop over at the "Onion", see you there.

Cheers and Beers to you,
love, Gig

Gig said...

Dear Bindi,
Thanks for being a part of my life here in our blogging world. I love to visit you. I really love the videos with Serene, it is awesome to watch her and hear her laugh and your laugh and voice.

Thanks for accepting the Award. I am still working on my own design for later...

I think I am going to head over to the "Onion" (it is my day off),
and have an iced coffee, read Cece's book to any little ones that might be there. Stop by with Serene.

Love you,

Gig said...

Good to see you. The blog Me and My Drum is interesting, I too put it in my favorites. Isn't it amazing the things we can stumble upon? I love it.

Enjoy the Award, you deserve it,
Thanks for being my friend and a part of my Aussie family.

I am watching the pre-race right now, I just might try and post over at the "Wild Onion" later.

Cheers and Beers,
Love to you and Jo and Helen.

Gig said...

Dear Jo,
So glad you stopped by. The story on AFLAC (duck) and Bowser (dog) is in the comments of Kylie's post on the ducks.

I love your story on Maggie and Sam. Thanks for sharing that with me. We have had more cats over the years than any other animal. Right now we just have my kittie Maggie, she is a Persian and very SPOILED!!!

Say hello to Helen,
I am going to try and visit her later.
Come visit everyone at The Wild Onion...

Hugs and love,


thanks gig! that rocks, i'll try and live up to your high expectations! i wont speel thing crrectly, but i'll be the blog!!!

Gig said...

Just keep being yourself. Continue telling things like they are or aren't.
Don't lose the "trench coat with many pockets"...and everything that goes with it.

I don't now how two spill iether, so we all will be fin.

meet me at the onion, shots are on Cece

Anonymous said...

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