February 15, 2008


Dale Jr. Denny Hamlin

The Gatorade Dual Races were Valentine's Day afternoon.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88) won the 1st race.
Denny Hamlin (#11) won the 2nd race.
They will be 3d and 4th, after Jimmie Johnson and
Michael Waltrip (go Mikie) on Sunday for
The Great American Race...otherwise known
as the Daytona 500.
I will be watching those cars go round and round!!
There will be some bumping and drafting, I am sure!
That is what makes it exciting for the fans.

Good thoughts to all,



Kookaburra said...

Hey Gig,
Thaks for the update. I will see if I can watch Sunday's race on the internet. Nothing ventured ...

ps Stay tuned re V8's

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
Have a beautiful day!
Thanks for the update...my younger brother is a big fan of NASCAR!
am sure he was watching that..
love to you and your family

Cece said...

Hey, I may actually get to see snow this weekend! I'll be sure to take a picture of the snowman if I make one. We are heading to Missouri to visit my parents tomorrow and they said that they have 5 inches of snow on the ground and expecting more tonight! I"m so excited. They called me last night to tell me that we should stay home, I told them hell no, I'm coming to play in the snow. Besides, that why I have a 4 wheel drive.

Gig said...

I hope you get to watch the "big" race. Tomorrow is the Nationwide Race at Daytona. Some drivers race both days. These cars are not quite as fast, but still faster than I want to drive!! I will be checking in on it. Keep ya posted.

Cheers and beers

Gig said...

I hope your day was a good one.Give Serene a big hug and kiss. I am glad I am not the only fan of NASCAR!

love to you and your family too,

Gig said...

Thank Goodness for 4wheel drive!
Have a safe trip and enjoy the SNOW!! We are supposed to get more Sunday. I hate to say it, but I am ready for Spring. I will be waiting for pic of snowman.
Have fun!!1