February 11, 2008

Gentlemen, Start your Engines!!!

For NASCAR fans this is the Super Bowl of
Racing! This is the 50th Daytona 500.The race is on Feb. 17.

The Budweiser Shootout was the start of
Speedweek. The Shootout was a total of 70 laps around the track with 23 drivers. This was the 30th year for the Shootout. How did the drivers get into the Shootout? Well, they had to have won a "Pole"(fastest qualifying speed), and/or a

On Sunday, quailifying for next Sunday's Race was held. Jimmie Johnson (#48) was #1 and Michael Waltrip (#55), Go Mikie!, was #2.

On Thursday night, Feb. 14th, there will the
Gatorade Duals. Two separate races, back to back duals that will determine the final placements of the drivers for the big race on Sunday. The only 2 places for sure are Johnson
and Waltrip. The 1st race on Thursday will be led by Johnson, the 2nd by Waltrip.

Car #55 leads the
Budweiser Shootout Race. #55 is driven by Michael Waltrip, who just happens to be my favorite Driver!!
Go Mikie Go!!
So, I just had to put this picture on here.
He did not win the race, but came in 11th.
I would have like to give everyone a lap by
lap description of the race, but, I could not
keep my eyes open...Mr. Big woke me up at the end.
Thank goodness for the news and internet! That way I could see it all after the fact.

The Winner of the Budweiser Shootout was Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Jr. is driving the #88 car this year, with National Guard being one of his
sponsors. I was glad to see him win, oops, remember I didn't quite actually
see the ending. Thank goodness for late news shows!

I will be watching on Thursday and rooting for my favorite driver! And that would be....Mikie!!

Thanks for reading!!

Good thoughts and

Stay warm!!



'54Bomber said...

OMG What a great post. Thank you very much for the great report. Fantastic pics. How did you get the overhead of pic the Bowl. Have you got your own helicopter?? Ha ha lol
Enjoy watching Thursday's race- Go Mikie!!
Love to you and your family,

Gig said...

So, you like that overhead shot? Me too, just had to call on a friend with a Really Good Camera!! lol
I will keep you updated through out the week.
Love, Debbie

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
hope you and family staying warm!

Wow! great post!
reading made me feel right in there.
great pictures!

love you

Cecile said...

It's all very exciting. I personally like the crashes, as long as noone gets hurt. Thanks for the comment about my poem.

Robyn said...

Great Post! Great photos, I agree with Mark!

bindhiya said...

Hi Debbie,
Please accept a delicious award on this beautiful day!
sweet as sugar!