February 21, 2008

Best Friends Forever

To my Best Friend
A best friend is a treasured gift
A prize beyond compare
Someone who shares the bad and good
You know is always there
A best friend listens patiently
To every word you say
But most of all, a best friend is
Like you in every way

Sepemeber 2007, Karen and Debbie

Well, here we are last September before our
walk across the Mackinac Bridge. The bridge
is in the background. We have been friends for
29 years, we have shared the good times and
the bad times. Even if we did not agree, we
always knew that we would still be there for
each other. She has 3 wonderful sons, I call them
my "boy's".
I wanted to let her know how much she means
to me. For 25 years we lived in the same area, now
we are 2 hrs apart.
I was going to go spend this coming weekend with
her, but she and her 2 siblings had to head west
to Arizona. Her Dad is having open heart surgery
as I type. So, now I am waiting for her call.

I would like you all to meet my "other Mom
and Dad". Karen's parents have been a part of
my life forever. They bought the campground
when Dad retired 20 years ago. It is my little
slice of heaven here on earth.

A new pond! Less flowers to plant! What a
great job everybody did. We would be here for
days if I posted all the pictures from this
project. We always have lots of laughs and
blisters. The end result is worth it!!

We are finishing up our planting of the
flowers and putting in the new pond
We were all thankful it did not rain. Off to
dinner and drinks for all!!

Here we are about half way across the bridge.
It was a beautiful day, great weather to
celebrate the 50th Birthday of the Mackinac
Bridge. Over 60,000 people walked this day.

Karen took this picture looking down at the
water below the bridge. She is always looking
for the unusual shots. I love it!

We Made It!! The first time either of us had
walked the Mighty Mac. I thought it would
really bother me being up so high. But, it was
so beautiful that I didn't think about it.

This is our view of the beach across from the
campground. Campfires, smores, walks on on the
beach are what I live for, especially with
my best friend.

The flowers have all bloomed and all the
campers have enjoyed them all summer.
Labor Day Weekend 2007
This is the result of all our hard work on
Memorial Day Weekend. We get to sit back
and smell the flowers!

I am ready for Memorial Day Weekend,

to get my hands in the dirt, drink some

bloody marys and whip my best friend at


Love to all,



Cece said...

Oh Debbie,
You are making me miss Michigan so much. I really want to take my husband and boys up there soon. I've been across the bridge by car, but never by foot. I think we may just have to plan a early fall trip north this year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Gig said...

I hope you get to bring your family sometime in the future. Not trying to make you miss Michigan, but I do try to pick pictures that you might enjoy. I love Michigan and all the beautiful places here. But, I love to travel and see all the other beautiful parts of our great country. I have a busy weekend, but I am sure it will be a good one. I hope the same for you guys.

kylie said...

hi deb,
what a lovely tribute to your friend and friends in general. you have some lovely shots in there.
i was interested in your mention of smores....my boy dimples made them at school last year but i'm still not really sure what they are.
he made the "oven " for them from an old pizza box....is that usual?
enjoy your weekend

Gig said...

Hi Kylie,
Thanks for stopping by, s'mores are wonderful. I am not sure about the pizza box, I would love to know how that worked. However, you have given me an idea for a post. So, stay tuned!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

bindhiya said...

Dear Debbie,
I loved the pictures and want to visit Michigan soon...
How nice to have a best friend...and how sweet you are to introduce your best friend to us..
Thank you for your kind words at my place...
♥ and ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Hi sweetie, no time to read right now because I'm in the middle of so much, but will be back shortly to enjoy your post.

Just want you to know that Helen's birthday was the 25th. Many of us were too busy to remember, so I'm trying to remind everyone. In addition, Mrs. 54 Bomber has started her own blog. The link is on Mark's blog. When you have time, stop by to support her. We have the whole family now!!!

Love you as always and realized I haven't listed you as one of my links. I though I had ages ago (perhaps I did?!). How did I miss that? Will link as soon possible.