January 21, 2008

Update on Hannah and Gage

The latest news is that Hannah called a friend in Michigan, close to home and said they were in Nevada and running low on money. We are waiting for both Mom's to be on Good Morning America, and then the Morning show with Mike and Juliet. Hopefully, somebody will see them and let the authorities know.
We just want them to get back home safely.

I truly appreciate every one's prayers and good thoughts.

They are both good kids, just wanting to be together. I do understand that. I haven't forgot what "young puppy love" is, but being a parent, I also agree with Hannah's parents that she is too young to "date". They are also dealing with her mental state and her not having her medication with her.
They both have parents who love them and want only the best for them.
I am so proud of Mr. Bigs daughter and her husband for getting this story out.

That is all I have for now.

Good thoughts to all

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