January 14, 2008

Tag, You're It!

Bomber tagged me, so I have to come up with a list of 5 to 8 "interesting" things about me to share, so here goes:

  1. I am a night owl, I would much rather be up during the night and sleep late. The sleep late does not always happen though.

  2. I collect cookbooks, old ones, new ones, it does not matter. They make for good reading when I can not sleep.

  3. I love the beach, watching the waves can be hypnotic and always gives me a sense of peace.

  4. NASCAR is Great! Just love to watch those race cars go round and round.......

  5. Country Music and Toby Keith...Awesome!!!!!

  6. Grew up oldest of three, 2 brothers. Then 13 years ago discovered 5 more siblings from my father. I finally got sisters (3) and more brothers (2). Interesting........

This has been fun and interesting for me, so

have fun with it Bethany, cuz Tag, your it!



'54Bomber said...

G'day Gig,
Thanks for participating :)
My home computer has suffered a case of the gremlins (internet problems)so I'm posting this from my work computer. Surreptitiously of course!
Fancy you liking NASCAR?? I like our domestic V8 competiton and Formula!


bindhiya said...

Hi Gig,
I have a night owl i home...try to find only night jobs and sleep day...
So now we know a little more about you
take care

Gig said...

Evening Mark
Life is interesting isn't it! I enjoy both the Nextel/Sprint Cup and the Busch Series. Have several fav drivers.
Mr. Big (hubby) worked 33 years building V8 engines. He likes the Drag races. Thanks for the tag.

Gig said...

Hi Bindhiya,
I would rather work at night like you, but these days does not always work that way. I still stay up, even if I have to work early. Needless to say, I am usually sleep deprived!
Take care,
Hugs and kisses to Serene

Suzanne said...

WELL, WELL, WELL...here we all are once again! Good Lord! NASCAR...my family is into it, but sadly I am not, so we don't connect on that level. I would rather watch Formula 1 races, but frankly, I'd rather just watch tennis!!! My brother had and recently sold a muscle car with a V8 engine. I don't know anything about V8 engines, I just know he had one! His car was orange and very powerful. I drive a BMW and wouldn't drive anything else, so I have no clue what a V8 engine feels like nor what it looks like. I just know I can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds and that matters to me on these insane CA freeways. To all of you "experts" I'll leave the drivin' to you. Just stay outta my lane!

Much love,

CSI Seattle said...

Hi Gig,

I am back from my internetless world (is that a word, internetless?) Either way, loving the inside information about you.

I share your need for the late night. Unfortunately, having a family is to say I will not be sleeping in anytime soon.

Great Day!


Robyn said...

Very cool, interesting facts!