January 25, 2008

Summer Time Blues-AuSable River Marathon

As much as I love Snow, and hot chocolate and snowmobiling, I really am a warm weather person. That is why there are lots of pictures of water and beaches. In Michigan one does not have to travel far to find water, be it a river or lake. Which brings me to this post of an event that has been happening in this small town for 61 years this next July. Our small city grows by leaps and bounds for this major race. The racers start coming to practice as soon as the ice and snow are gone! By race week, all of us locals "should" know better than to go to "town". Get your groceries, gas, booze, and anything else you might need, cuz if you don't, it is like a zoo! Don't get me wrong, most of us love it. Business is good, and this is what most small businesses depend on. There are lots of fun things to do the whole week leading up to the Big Race on Saturday. This year the race is on Mr. Big's B-day, look out, he loves to celebrate. We have watched the beginning of the race from different places and have followed to other locations to wait for the racers to go by. Everyone cheers them on! The race covers 120 miles. The starting time is 9:00 p.m. The racers paddle approximately 14 hrs. It is awesome!!! I was going to post a few pics, but found this teaser on youtube and thought it captured the spirit of the Race. Hope this gives everyone a little peek into another part of the world.

Another link for info is http:/yo/www.ausableconoemarathon.org/

Good thoughts to all,



Kookaburra said...

Hey Gig,
You would like Melbourne's weather. Currently it is hot and dry; although today we are expecting local showers and thunderstorms this evening after a top temp of 32 deg.celsius! It has been said that Melbourne is famous for having four seasons in one day.
Thank you so much for this most informative post :) I feel that I could be there myself. The event looks to be so much fun. I am imagining every body racing along to the next vantage point to cheer for their people who are racing in the canoes.
Like you said, business must be great for the town. I hope the race continues for another 61 years.

I am booking a holiday for July, next year!
Kind thoughts to you and your family.

Cece said...

What part of Michigan are you from. My sister used to live near Traver's City. She lived around Honor and Beulah and Frankfort. We used to go up there every summer when I was a kid. I haven't been to Northern Michigan since I was 18, though. I do really miss it, and I plan on taking my boys and husband there some time soon. I have some relative from my dad's side that live near Ludington and Scottsville(I think that is the right town) But I love Michigan, it is a wonderful state.

bindhiya said...

Hi Debbie,
the even looks interesting..
we have something similar only for my state..boat race...during "onam"..our harvest festival..
Thanks for your kind words.

Gig said...

I know I would love Melbourne. I am glad you liked the post. I had fun doing it. It is one of many reasons we moved here after Mr. Big retired. How did Helen's concert go? I will check your site before turning in.

Book that holiday, there is always room at the inn.

Have a great weekend, Debbie

Gig said...

Glad you stopped by. Northern Michigan is where I am. About 65 miles east of Traverse City. In fact you have to go right through Grayling to get there. I love to travel and have seen many other beautiful places, but I do love Michigan, especially being "Up North", instead of "downstate".

Take care, have a great weekend

Gig said...

It is so much to learn about the many different festivals and events around the country.
It is always so good to hear from you. Thanks for coming by.
Take care, hugs and kisses to little one.
love, Debbie